YouTube has literally no way to contact them. I need to tell them I’m being harassed by someone who keeps circumventing my blocks. What am I supposed to do? Just hope they believe my harassment reports without comment?

Apparently blocking doesn’t actually work on YouTube you still receive their comments (proof: I have emails of the comments) but they just don’t show up on your videos/page. This is bullshit.

someone link me to that video again about the guy with princess peach for a girlfriend and she asks him what he’s doing on the computer and he says something like he’s drawing fanart or writing a fanfic of the two of them and then she’s like “mmmmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

I remember this one time I was sick of getting chain letters in my notification box on YouTube so to see how gullible people were I made one up saying not to friend a user I made up because they were a virus and your hard drive would overheat and melt AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT.

okay I solved the issue

YouTube made me make a new channel even though I already have a channel because I didn’t make the channel under my “name” given on GMAIL

So now I have two channels.

In other “YouTube is utter shit” news, my PMMM videos were removed again by Sony Music Japan EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT USING THEIR CONTENT

Submitting counter claims is becoming tedious and I wish I could take them to court for fucking with me over bullshit that’s not theirs.


what the fuck

where did all my videos on YouTube go

did they fucking seriously delete all my videos for this upgrade shit…?





Pleated Jeans is quite a clever YouTube channel. He does funny videos, he does smart videos, he wears glasses and is a nerdy white guy with a small but growing community…so he’s basically Vlogbrothers in 2009. He’s been really smart with how he’s managed his channel, and he’s had a couple of viral hits. 

Unfortunately, one of his viral hits was so viral that YouTube’s algorithm flagged it as suspicious and his ability to run advertisements on the content was revoked. After more than a month of trying to get someone at YouTube to talk to him, he’s giving up and moving to a new channel where he will have to start from scratch. 

This infuriates me. It’s possible that, if he’d contacted me, I could have gotten his case reviewed higher up, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

So subscribe to his new channel, but also subscribe to his old one. Because I haven’t given up on getting it back.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Google and YouTube? This sort of bullshit happens all the time, and there’s just no excuse for it. Either hire more people to handle this sort of thing, or fix the code that’s flagging legit content creators and hurting their ability to make a living from their creations.

It’s funny because pretty much all of YouTube’s legal dealings are automated (I’ve had a few of my videos removed for flagged content that wasn’t there and it took me weeks to restore them) and there’s basically no fucking way to contact them about anything (I’ve tried so many ways and if you can actually get an email through it’s auto-flagged as spam a lot of the time and returned back to you).

I like how FUNimation and some other entertainment entities (can’t think of them right now but I think they’re smaller distributors) stream their content and allow downloads of it on their websites and omg manage to actually stay live and well in the business????? but other media giants and entertainment entities insist that streams, downloads, and sites like YouTube hurt their revenue and ruin business and the economy :’c

Sony Music Japan just removed another video of mine THAT THEY DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO TO.

I won the last clash, you’re damn right I’m gonna win this one too. These fuckers have no right to wantonly remove videos. YouTube shouldn’t be letting people shove their way around just because they have copyrights, because they’re not always right. Someone should be fucking checking their claims before putting deleting accounts and shit.

Now I can’t upload my new video because I bet they’ll claim its audio too, which, until my counter-claim processes, would automatically delete my account without me ever having a chance to submit YET ANOTHER counter-claim.

Sony Music Japan can go fuck themselves. So can all these “content owners” who piss and moan about people uploading shit on YouTube.

Another thing, too, is that I don’t even get to see WHO claimed my videos were infringing and WHY they did. So I have no idea what to correct! Thanks YouTube.