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Growing Up Without A Face, Or, Ableism is Real and Endorsed

So there’s this girl, her name is Juliana. She was born without a face. However, she live just like any other five year old child would. She has boundless energy, a loving family, a strong desire to make people smile.


I’m not going to tell everyone that you must see her as beautiful. It’s normal to be surprised by the very unusual.

But you should always see her as a human being. A human being deserving of her happy life. A perfectly happy fucking child.

Unfortunately, that’s not how most people see her and people like her.

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I don’t usually read YouTube comments but I almost fucking peed.

I don’t usually read YouTube comments but I almost fucking peed.






Independent artists could disappear from YouTube “in a matter of days” after the Google video service confirmed it was dropping content from independent labels that have not signed up for its upcoming subscription music service.

YouTube is about to begin testing the new service – which will charge people to watch and listen to music without ads, and download songs to their mobile devices – within the next few days, initially within Google.

The company has signed lucrative licensing deals with major labels Universal, Warner and Sony, while demanding that independent labels sign up to inferior terms or face having their videos blocked from YouTube’s free service.

Artists including Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White could see their videos taken down. The site has become a key promotional outlet for independent labels of all sizes in recent years.

The move comes as Amazon too has begun to flex its muscles in ways that limit the content its customers can receive. Amazon is delaying shipments and refused pre-orders for some titles from Hachette, publisher of Harry Potter author JK Rowling, and home to David Baldacci, Stephen Colbert, David Foster Wallace and others.

It has also pulled pre-orders for forthcoming Warner Home Video features, including international blockbuster The Lego Movie, 300: Rise of an Empire, Winter’s Tale and Transcendence.


Monopoly. Plutocracy. Welcome Oligarchy.

Capitalism Will Devour. Absolutely E’erybody

Raise your hands, and kiss your ass.

Bye bye Net Neutrality.



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You claim to support Anita, but she has disabled comments on her videos. This is something done by people who peddle bullshit that can't stand up to public scrutiny."




Sarkeesian disabled comments on her videos on account of being subjected to death threats, rape threats, and vicious misogynistic and anti-Semitic insults in the comment sections. Not only do these kinds of comments constitute ad hominem arguments, but many of them are legally actionable.

This statement also carries the assumption that the YouTube comment section is a place where well-reasoned debates happen. At the time of recording, YouTube comments were limited to 500 characters, had very poor threading support, and placed the onus of moderation on the uploader (very few of whom actually act on it), making it a culture centered around shouting at the monitor. The Google+ integration might have brought theoretically unlimited character counts, but has done little to change this culture.

Addressing YouTube comments is like an unending Gish Gallop where most people won’t see the refutations of already-raised points. Most people simply don’t have the time to wade through mountains of shit just to address the very rare good point and will either ignore or disable the section altogether. This is not “refusing to stand up to public scrutiny” any more than the president refusing to go outside and talk to every individual anti-vaxxer protesting outside the White House.

People have actually complained that I’m impeding their right to freedom of speech by disabling comments on a YouTube video I made about my thoughts on InternetAristocrat and his “woman had an opinion, my macuilinity feels threatened” tirade against Pinkie, who was my girlfriend at the time. I didn’t even block comments because of the harassment - hell, i would have felt more insulted if a preschooler called me a poopyhead - but I blocked them for quite the opposite. The comments were just so childish and pathetic that I wanted to save those poor souls the trouble of embarrassing themselves.

It also made me laugh that they thought I, a Canadian, would give a shit about their pathetic American rights.

it’s funny because Anita specifically encouraged discussion about her videos when she disabled comments, saying that she does want people to talk about them. Guys weren’t mad that she was “avoiding criticism” by disabling comments - they were mad that she had disabled an easy method for them to directly threaten, insult and antagonise her. 

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YouTube has literally no way to contact them. I need to tell them I’m being harassed by someone who keeps circumventing my blocks. What am I supposed to do? Just hope they believe my harassment reports without comment?

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Apparently blocking doesn’t actually work on YouTube you still receive their comments (proof: I have emails of the comments) but they just don’t show up on your videos/page. This is bullshit.

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someone link me to that video again about the guy with princess peach for a girlfriend and she asks him what he’s doing on the computer and he says something like he’s drawing fanart or writing a fanfic of the two of them and then she’s like “mmmmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

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I remember this one time I was sick of getting chain letters in my notification box on YouTube so to see how gullible people were I made one up saying not to friend a user I made up because they were a virus and your hard drive would overheat and melt AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT.

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okay I solved the issue

YouTube made me make a new channel even though I already have a channel because I didn’t make the channel under my “name” given on GMAIL

So now I have two channels.

In other “YouTube is utter shit” news, my PMMM videos were removed again by Sony Music Japan EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT USING THEIR CONTENT

Submitting counter claims is becoming tedious and I wish I could take them to court for fucking with me over bullshit that’s not theirs.

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