We can’t know someone else’s circumstances and we shouldn’t make their decisions. I believe abortion should remain legal, and women should be able to get safe abortion care.

I will help build a culture of empathy, justice, and support for access to abortion care and for the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion in her lifetime. I pledge to help protect access to safe abortion care in my community.


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The Missouri legislature is pushing through yet another extreme, dangerous, completely non-medical bill to cut off women’s access to safe and legal abortion—and shame and hurt women who seek it out. Let’s be clear: This is about politics, not about women’s health.

HB 1613 is an extreme bill that forces women to endure a mandatory ultrasound and receive inaccurate medical information, as well as triples the state’s mandatory waiting period, senselessly forcing abortions later in pregnancy and putting women’s health at risk. It’s political intusion at its worst—and in the courts, bills like this one are a losing game.





This breaks my heart and makes me angrier than I knew I could get…

If you honestly believe that she should be forced to carry to term, please explain why. Message me, I’m serious. Explain to me how in the world you can justify a 5th grader being forced to carry a pregnancy (let alone a twin pregnancy!) to term and give birth, when she’s already gone through the horrific trauma of rape

Fuck humanity. 

Im curious, what does the little girl want?.
Does she want her babies or is she being coerced into thinking she wants an abortion?.

She’s 10. She can’t safely carry twins to term without major damage to her body and psyche. 

Important sentences from the full article:

"In a previous case, a nine-year-old was forced to have a baby after being raped."

Senegal, in west Africa, has one of the toughest abortion laws on the continent. Woman found guilty of having abortion face 10 years in jail, reports The Guardian.”

"Hundreds of Senegalese women die each year from botched terminations."

None of the articles on this subject mention what happened to the rapist. According to the only source I could find on rape laws on Senegal, a rape conviction “can result in 5-10 years in prison.” So most rapists serve less time than the victim who had an abortion.

"coerced into thinking she wants an abortion"

Fuck you. Fuck you so much. Fuck you straight to hell and back with a splintering broom stick. I fucking despise you. I fucking despise you so much I would set you on fire if I knew who you were. You are disgusting in so many fucking ways.

Misogynists don’t care. Misogynists really don’t fucking care at all, do they? No, all that matters is women must have babies. Even if they are fucking TEN YEARS OLD AND RAPED.

» This is what a “Pro-Life” world looks like.


In the early 90s in Washington DC, Angela Carder became critically sick with cancer.  She was also twenty-five weeks pregnant.  The hospital sought a court order forcing 25-year-old Carder to undergo a C-section, in the hope the fetus could be saved; despite medical testimony that the surgery could kill her, the court privileged the fetus’ rights over Carder’s own life.  Carder’s fetus, too underdeveloped to be viable, died within two hours.  Carder died within two-days - the C-section was cited as a contributing factor in her death.




Just be aware that Paul Ryan is trying to pass a bill that allows rapists to sue their rape victims if they get an abortion in a state that allows it. If this isn’t the most awful thing I’ll hear for the rest of the week, I don’t know what is.

i can actually feel my blood pressure rising


Friends, let me tell you about Rebecca Gomperts.

Rebecca Gomperts is a sea captain, a certified physician, and the founder of Women on Waves, a Dutch pro-choice non-profit organization that brings reproductive health services to women in countries with restrictive abortion laws.

This is how it works:

  • Rebecca Gomperts and her team installed a specially constructed mobile clinic aboard a commissioned ship.
  • They sail to countries with restrictive abortion laws, answering phone calls and e-mails from women who need another way out.
  • Upon landing, they take the women who come to them aboard the ship, and then they take the ship out into international waters.
  • There the laws of the flag ship are in effect.
  • They then perform non-surgical medical abortions, while walking the women through the process.
  • They sail back to shore, and once they depart, they continue to follow up with their patients to ensure they remain healthy and safe.

In response, Rebecca Gomperts and her team have been:

  • hit by eggs thrown by physically violent pro-life activists
  • met with resistance by government officials of the countries they visit
  • been forced to disguise themselves and their patients to save the women who come to them any public shaming (which the media helps to perpetuate)
  • and once, harassed by two war ships sent out by the Portuguese military

And yet they continue to answer the calls and e-mails of women who want their help, providing reproductive counseling and teaching them how to circumvent the dangerous laws of their country when necessary.

Director Diana Whitten is telling their story in her documentary, VESSEL. It’s a beautiful doc, a necessary doc, and the film is premiering this week at SXSW. Please show your support for these women on social media. It’s so incredibly important.

Here's VESSEL's facebook page. Here's their twitter. Here's their instagram. Use #VesselLanding to tweet at them.

Women on Waves can be found on their official site, their facebook page, and their twitter.

If you’re in need of reproductive counseling or an abortion service, you can find Women on Wave’s international support and informational collective on Women on Web.

These people are heroes. Rebecca Gomperts is a hero. What they do has and will save countless lives. It’s so incredibly important that their story is told and the struggles of women living in countries governed by restrictive abortion laws (including the United States) are brought to light.


TW: Rape and incest, forced pregnancy

This Tuesday, the Colorado House Judiciary Committee will hear a bill that will ban all abortion and emergency contraception in Colorado, and make it a felony for a physician to perform an abortion.

Representative Humphrey’s bill (House Bill 1133) will deny survivors of rape or incest access to emergency contraception, and force them to give birth to their attacker’s child should they become pregnant as a result of these violent acts.

Forcing people to bear children that result from rape and incest goes too far, but Representative Humphrey doesn’t think it goes far enough.  He wants to make sure any physician in Colorado who performs an abortion can be sentenced to 12 years in prison and a $750,000 fine.

We’ve seen attacks on reproductive health become law in states across the country over the past year, but don’t want them here in Colorado.  This bill is an attempt to insert politicians into Coloradans personal, private health care decisions.



CVS: Guarantee In-Store Contraception Access


Can you imagine walking into a pharmacy to buy ibuprofen and, finding that it was kept behind the pharmacy counter, you ask the pharmacist if you can buy some and are told no. The pharmacist doesn’t believe in selling ibuprofen, and unfortunately the sales associate on shift doesn’t either. It’s against their religion. You’re out of luck.

It sounds funny, but if you go to a CVS pharmacy for emergency contraception, or to refill a monthly birth control prescription, their corporate policy allows employees to refuse to serve you in the store, even if there isn’t anyone else on duty who’s willing to do so. Is there another store to go to? If you’re in an urban center, have time on your hands, are very mobile and have access to transportation, sure. If you’re in a rural area or have difficulties getting around, you may be out of luck at one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country.

It’s become something of a fad these days for certain people to try and prove their righteousness in public by refusing to do their jobs so they can try to interfere in the health care decisions of strangers. CVS has a policy that allows this kind of shirking of professional responsibility by its employees. But if CVS wants to be seen as a health care provider, as they say they do, they need to prioritize the needs of their customers.

CVS, a company that takes in more prescription revenue than any other pharmacy in the United States, should ensure that there is always someone on duty at each of their stores who’s willing to meet customers’ needs for legal, preventative health care.

Sign the petition: CVS must guarantee in-store access to all forms of contraception.



Guys, this is just too good. Anti-abortion groups can’t even get it right when they use legitimate science.

The National Right to Life Committee’s report on fetal pain has been used to support a number of 20-week abortion bans, but the scientists they’ve cited disagree with the way their findings are being used.

In a typical anti-abortion move, Dr. Bjorn Merker’s work on children with brain defects was cited 12 times in the NRLC’s report, even though it didn’t deal with fetal pain at all. We’ve seen this kind of blatant misinterpretation in studies anti-choicers claim to prove the link between abortion and breast cancer - studies that actually had nothing to do with abortion.

The most interesting response in the article is Dr. Sunny Anand’s. I’ve discussed him before (under his publishing name, K.S. Anand), being one of the most prolific publishers of fetal pain papers, so I was pleased to see what he thought of his work being used to push abortion bans. Turns out, he’s not too happy. For the past nine years, he’s refused to testify on abortion legislation, and says the politicization of his work has “gotten completely out of hand.”

Fetal pain is a huge topic in the abortion debate right now, and I urge everyone to read this article. You can also find more in my #fetal pain tag, where I discuss and debunk studies used to push abortion bans.

Interestingly, I see the same thing happen with anti-vaccine reports - they frequently cite studies that have NOTHING to do with autism. If vaccines and abortions were actually terrible, maybe there’d be some actual, legitimate science to back it up. It says a lot about a movement when they have to lie to you to convince you they’re right.

I like the last part most of all. Yes, how many anti-choicers would support anesthetics for the fetuses in abortions? After all, if the pain is the best reason they’ve got…