"I think there should be laws against stalking physicians who perform abortions. We don’t allow people to stalk people for anything else." - Joycelyn Elders, MD

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BREAKING: The Louisiana legislature just passed a dangerous bill that would severely restrict a woman’s access to safe, legal abortion in the state — despite an outpouring of opposition from medical experts and women’s health advocates.

Here’s what you need to know about the strategy that’s now threatening access to health care in huge swaths of the country.

» Our reaction when out-of-touch lawmakers in Missouri passed a bill that would force women seeking abortion to endure a mandatory 72-hour waiting period:



The country is watching — and if politicians get away with imposing these new burdens on people seeking safe and legal abortion in Missouri, other states will follow. It has to stop here.

Urge Governor Nixon to stand with Missouri women and veto the 72-hour ban.


"It was private physicians who often offered abortion care pre-Roe, putting their own practices at risk to do so. Now, as clinics are being shuttered at an increasing rate, private physicians may be fielding more requests to terminate a patient’s pregnancy, simply because a clinic abortion is too hard to obtain. Yet abortion opponents have subtly and silently removed that as a potential option, and with very little notice.

"Louisiana’s HB 388 is taking a much more blatant swing at ending a private physician’s ability to offer a first trimester, in-office abortion, a procedure that would take a few minutes only using a manual vacuum aspirator. Tucked into the rest of the massive regulatory changes around procuring an abortion is a new rule that would force any doctor who performs more than five abortions per year to be licensed as an abortion provider. Previously, physicians could perform up to 60 abortions per year without such restrictions being put upon them."

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Becky Bell
August 24, 1971 - Sept. 16, 1988

At 17, Becky became a victim of an Indiana state law requiring parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion. Unable to bring herself to disappoint her parents by telling them she was pregnant — or go before a judge to bypass the law — Becky sought an illegal abortion. When she became seriously ill, her parents rushed her to the hospital. In severe pain from a massive infection, Becky still could not tell them, and despite the efforts of the doctors, she died.

This is why I don’t think there should be parental consent laws.

There are too many people who would be killed or disowned for being pregnant and anti-choice parents might FORCE their kids to carry a pregnancy.

Parental consent laws are dangerous.


Think this isn’t a coordinated, nationwide effort to restrict access to safe and legal abortion? Think again.

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Stop what you’re doing and go see what’s happening in Jefferson City, Missouri right now: Activists are staging a 72-hour “citizen’s filibuster" against the state legislature’s dangerous and relentless efforts to restrict Missourians’ access to safe and legal abortion.

Despite a dead-of-night vote to pass the bill out of the senate, the Women’s Filibuster is still going strong — because when it comes to protecting reproductive health, Missourians won’t back down. 

» 70,000 pregnant people die around the world every single year from illegal abortion. They leave behind 220,000 kids since 61% of people seeking abortions are already parents. So you’ve got dead parents, dead fetuses, and orphaned kids. What part of that sounds “Pro-Life” to you?



I love providing irrefutable sources.

-STFU, Pro-Life

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Can you please give me the link where it states more women die in child birth than in legal abortions? I'm dealing with a lot of antis & it's bugging me that they don't think I'm serious. You're my favorite blog by the way. (:


Here are some links. [1][2][3][4]


SB 1391 passed into law yesterday. It is an absolute disgrace.