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Also, check out National Advocates for Pregnant Women, org that stands up for the rights of women (often the ones with the least means) who have no way of  debunks bad science and challenges religious lunatics in courts. 


A federal judge just blocked a medically unnecessary “Texas-style” law in Alabama that would have severely restricted access to safe, legal abortion by forcing all but 2 health centers to stop providing abortions. 

Laws like these place onerous restrictions on doctors and health centers, are politically motivated, and do nothing to advance patients’ health — instead, they put women in danger.

Remember, a lot of these health centers do more than provide abortions - they provide reproductive and sexual healthcare, including pregnancy and childbirth care, to people in areas that would otherwise have no access to affordable care. These laws that shut down these small time clinics put people in danger because it forces them not just to go to extreme lengths to get an abortion but also to go to extreme lengths to get healthcare in general.





The heads of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the Center for Reproductive Rights spoke to about why Congress needs to pass a law protecting women’s rights »

In case anyone wondered why this needed to happen - a new Planned Parenthood that has never and won’t be providing abortions, but provides women’s healthcare in an under-served area to low-income women, is facing a concerted campaign against them because supplying contraceptives is claimed to be anti-life. The Minnesota Clinic is facing the same protests as ones providing abortions, this time on the grounds that “contraceptives are dangerous”, “destroy families” and “promote sex without limits”.

It seems the success over Hobby Lobby has moved them from “we can’t be involved in supplying contraceptives” to “nobody should be allowed to obtain contraceptives.” How shocking and unpredictable. Oh, wait.

This is very true about the new clinic. I could not believe that they were doing it first! I was very upset also because the clinic is also a Spanish speaking focused clinic, and it is important to have resources for those who speak Spanish as a first/main language. Racism is blatant on the protesters side. There is a clinic similar to this one in a “nicer” part of Minneapolis that is not protested whatsoever, yet does the same services.

^ As always, the “pro-life” movement hurts low-income women of color the most.


The results are in: Women voters are angry about the Supreme Court’s decision allowing bosses with so-called “religious objections” to deny coverage of birth control to their employees — and it will be a big factor in how they vote in the 2014 election. 

In other words: duh.

Read the full poll results here and find out where politicians stand.


Last week, the Supreme Court opened the door for for-profit corporations to deny employees birth control coverage just because their boss doesn’t approve of it. Now, champions in Congress are taking action to fix it.

Ask your lawmakers to go on the record now: Do you side with bosses, or do you support putting birth control coverage back in the hands of people who need it?


5 fact checks you need to know about the Hobby Lobby decision — and how it affects us.


On the state of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that employers could refuse to cover birth control based on religion many people point out that the ACA (aka Obamacare) will continue to cover birth control fully without the employer. This is the compromise that was reached.

However, this weekend the Supreme Court issued an emergency injunction permitting a Christian college to refuse to participate in the compromise around the ACA’s birth control requirement while its case proceeds. 

We all saw this coming, these people will stop at nothing to insure not only will employers not have to pay for birth control, but that employers will keep employees from being able to get birth control.


Sigh, so as this piece says, “On Tuesday, the Court indicated that its ruling applies to for-profit employers who object to all twenty forms of birth control included in the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, not just the four methods at issue in the two cases decided on Monday.”

It’s not about abortion, it’s about the right to have sex safely.

It’s not about the right to have sex safely, it’s about the right of DFAB people to not have babies when they don’t want to. It’s about the fact they can’t stand people with uteri not becoming mommies. It’s about the fact they can’t stand people with vaginas actually using them for the same reasons people with penises do. 

And a little bit about finding ways to undermine Obama because fuck black people especially those who expressing caring for marginalized people.

Today, five men on the Supreme Court said that women’s reproductive health care is less important than a woman’s boss’s superstition-based prudery and moral trepidation about fornication for female pleasure. They ruled that it doesn’t matter if birth control actually causes abortions; it only matters if business owners sincerely believe that birth control causes abortions. They ruled that it’s okay for a corporate person to discriminate against a female semi-person and dictate that she not spend her compensation on stuff that might possibly be enabling sex without consequences, if they believe that God thinks they should.


Remember that time Hobby Lobby claimed it was against their religious beliefs to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage while simultaneously investing in companies that produce abortion-inducing medications?


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