"Defend pansages at all costs! All they did was point out some content is upsetting!"

[xkit guy harasses and insults pansages]

"You all are being too mean to the xkit guy!"

[pansages presents opinions on ableism]

"pansages is a stupid sjw who has no clue and defends pedophiles!"

For some reason Xkit is making Tumblr load extremely slowly or only half the page…

is this real life

For some reason a lot of my Tumblr extensions aren’t working. UnfollowerHater and some of Xkit’s tools (I particularly have noticed the “auto reblog as text” isn’t working) aren’t wanting to work.

Anyone else having problems?

When I hit “Next Page” at the bottom of my dash it takes me to the bottom of the next page what is this?

Again, the major criticism I have for Social Justice Wario is he no longer posts social justice stuff, he mostly just makes silly responses to hatemail and occasionally says encouraging words/links to someone seeking help. He used to make graphics about tone policing and informational posts about vaccinations and other things. I got mad at him being featured by staff because he doesn’t really DO anything anymore. I get it, it’s hard to run a big ass blog, but the least he could do is reblog news and petitions and stuff…

I have discovered that if I go back far enough on my dashboard I can no longer reply to posts and have to reblog them if I have something to say.

This is a recent sly implementation Tumblr has done and it’s really mean because it takes me so long to catch up on my dash because of how busy I am and I see my friends and people making posts I really wanna say something on but don’t wanna reblog because they’re personal. I don’t know how old these posts are or when the mark off to “can’t reply” territory starts so maybe I’d be a week late but I don’t want to just sit there and do NOTHING….

I will bite you. I will find where you live and bite you. It will hurt. It will hurt enough to make you scream. I will bite you.