Tumblr user: [follows nsfw blog]
Tumblr user: Hey I just thought you should know I'm only 15 LOL uwu
Tumblr user: [follows nsfw blog]
Tumblr user: Hey can you tag your nsfw?

Why the fuzz monkey does Servant suddenly not work anymore?

It hasn’t been blocking any posts I’ve been telling it to.

"Superwholock thinks they own Tumblr! They are the WORST fandom!"

Okay I am trying to play music in my #songs tag and I can’t get any Tumblr players to work? I click and nothing happens. It doesn’t change anything. The mouse pointer changes when I hover over the play buttons but that’s it.

Anyone else having this problem?

Okay here’s the post.

I’ve been debating hard how to write this because I don’t want to seem like I’m making excuses but I also don’t want to seem like I’m avoiding parts. I’ll try my best.

Quick version: I made a shitty blog for a weak and senseless reason, I said shitty things posed as a group of jackasses, one of those shitty things was a rape threat/joke bastard child towards someone, after a short period of time it blew up, I screwed up trying to apologize, people didn’t take my apologies as genuine because of that, as a result people have been telling others I’m bad news.

As a result of some advice, I’m writing this apology post.

I am deeply sorry about the entire thing. Everything that has any connection to me, I am sorry about. And honestly, I think about it a lot, and it makes me feel shitty that I hurt people, particularly someone I really liked and respected, and that as a result people don’t feel safe around me or people I would like to get to know block me preemptively.

Detailed version under cut.

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So literally just after I logged in around two hours ago Tumblr did some massive coding changes that are irritating as fuck.

And apparently one of those includes the fact that every time I click the Play button, a new audio bar appears and renders the previous unclickable, and obviously no audio plays.

If I forget to tag something, if it is in your power to do so PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I really suck at remembering the tags I need to do so REMINDING ME is a good way to help me remember to catch them.

To be honest I spend like 2 seconds looking at a post so I might legitimately miss stuff or I might miss stuff because my eyes and brain are glazed over and I don’t think about it like I should be doing.

So if you remind me you help improve my brain function.



Social Worker Tumblrs

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Recovery/Support Tumblrs

Reblogging in honor of the last day of Social Work Month.  These arent ranked in any particular order so check them all out.  If I missed you just let me know!

yo I’m reblogging this because it can seriously help folks out, definitely a list worth keeping.

I had to unfollow ponies-against-bronies. I wasn’t really satisfied with the new mod’s responses to the influx of anon hate, but “I didn’t really mind Molestia” took the cake.