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Reblogging in honor of the last day of Social Work Month.  These arent ranked in any particular order so check them all out.  If I missed you just let me know!

yo I’m reblogging this because it can seriously help folks out, definitely a list worth keeping.

I had to unfollow ponies-against-bronies. I wasn’t really satisfied with the new mod’s responses to the influx of anon hate, but “I didn’t really mind Molestia” took the cake.

I miss the days when you could navigate your queue by pages.

Seriously, I stopped endless scrolling on my dash for a reason. And I am pretty pissed off that editing a post automatically reloads the page and you have to start scrolling from the beginning.

we have gone too far

So does anyone know how to set up an Xkit Servant to block posts tagged a certain way? Which option do I select and how do I enter the tag?

Is it Post Contains and then #[tag] or just [tag]?

I hate that awww-cute (or whatever) literally steals people’s posts of their animals. They even copy their captions. Nobody submits the posts, they just find a popular animal picture and caption, then save the picture, copy the caption, and post it on their blog. It’s ugh.

THE TUMBLR LOGO BROKE FOR ME I can click it for the main page and only the r lights up as lavender I’m cracking up


my god???


Okay friends the new URL for my porn blog is huffpuffpurr