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on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

tag em

Oh hey look a Steven Universe com—

Oh hey look a Steven Universe com—

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I’m loving the fact that there are so many canon pokemon URLs or [pokemon]official URLs that are sj

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Tumblr user: I'm not a bigot, you retarded psycho!

It’s a little bemusing how Tumblr continues to ignore extremely popular feature suggestions and instead

  • Adds little shit nobody will ever fucking use ever let alone become aware of.
  • Adds shit nobody wants or that we have actively said not to make.
  • Removes features we’re all cool with and aren’t bothering anyone.
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pansages was a fucking 14 year old and people harassed them, sent them death and rape threats, and chased them to a new URL/off Tumblr for “being a sjw” after the Xkit guy shat all over them for warning people that a video might be triggering.

Remember that.

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Okay what the fuck Tumblr just made me follow an advertisement blog for sex paraphernalia.

Anyone else have that happen or something else? Should I be worried my account has been compromised?

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Tumblr user: [follows nsfw blog]
Tumblr user: Hey I just thought you should know I'm only 15 LOL uwu
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Tumblr user: [follows nsfw blog]
Tumblr user: Hey can you tag your nsfw?
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Why the fuzz monkey does Servant suddenly not work anymore?

It hasn’t been blocking any posts I’ve been telling it to.

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