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sir-prince replied to your post “Even in the AU where Candler is a normal sized person of his race (5’3…”

large testicles is actually this one kink that had hit me hard recently and I just never had a chance to mention I’m hella into it……

S-same… <:3;

Rocket was my favourite character of the movie and his personality is hot but god damn it I can’t take any porn of him seriously/find it alluring because he is literally just an upright raccoon. I don’t want to fuck a real raccoon, even if he can talk.

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I’m frustrated to hell and back because the darling who puts me in heat each time I see them, oneoxfordcomma, has videos on xtube but xtube won’t let me through while I have ad-scripts and cookies blocked.

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I am bleeding from my vagina. Or my vulva. I’m not sure which.

It’s not like menstrual blood at all. It’s like spots of blood like you would see if you dabbed a tissue over scratches or something.

I’m not sure what this means. I don’t itch or burn, so I don’t THINK it’s on my vulva. I have also been very mucousy, almost like I’m aroused. So I’m pretty sure it’s from my vagina or being passed through it but… I don’t… feel any stinging or anything? I don’t understand. If I’ve got open sores/wounds somewhere, wouldn’t I feel it?

It’s happened every time I’ve used the bathroom today. Not enough blood to get in the toilet, but enough for two wipes.

I just got the antibiotic for my infection today (finally), so I’m wondering if I should wait until I’ve finished it or what.

Though to be honest, I may have to wait that much and thensome, considering my finances and my difficulty finding a doctor.

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I’m sort of glad I have a vaginal infection because I thought my body was automatically refusing sex because I am not into anyone but one person.

Basically I am brokenly hung up over the past and it seemed I was getting worse.

But nope, just inflammation. That’s all. Though it’s still weird that I don’t feel any pain or anything when I used toys. Oh well.

I’m finished with it though, especially since I have an IUD. But the damned doctor won’t call in my prescription again. This is the flakiest, rudest clinic I’ve ever experienced.

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I did not realize I desperately wanted porn of the Striaton City brothers until I casually tried to find Chili screencaps for that silly rp post.

Holy shit they are hot?? Except Cilan with his freaky ass eyes. What the fuck is with that man.

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I had a weird kink dream where a nature demon was giving me tongue but then the tongue turned into flowering branches and it went all the way down my throat throughout my body and sprouted out my mouth I DON’T FUCKING KNOW WHAT WAS SO GREAT ABOUT THAT BUT OKAY BRAIN

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I just saw a porn gif of a person getting their dick sucked from behind and I was so fucking confused for like five minutes.

And then when I realized IT WAS DICK SUCKING I laughed so hard because it’s so fucking obvious BECAUSE IT WAS PORN but nooo I can’t see shit cap’n.

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So I may be sicker than I realize I am.

Because I shit my pants at work last night.

Luckily it was 1 am and the person I was working with didn’t ask questions and let me go home real quick to change but fucking hell.

I’ve prided myself on a strong ability to hold back my waste needs, and haven’t had any accident (even period ones) since I was like 13 and younger, so this really does not make me feel very confident about my health.

I’ve never really been digestively healthy, and letting that sit for so many years is probably taking its toll now.

I don’t have the money to get it checked out and I don’t like doctors or medicine anymore at all I’m tired of it.

Guess I’ll just wait until I have anal prolapse and then die from it by refusing treatment because of the expenses.

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So I got a letter in the mail today that read in big letters “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” from a place called Quest Diagnostics and I was like


this is it

the doctor never called about my test results because I’m dying and they wanted to tell me privately.

I have PID. I have AIDS. I have cancer. Maybe all three and more.

Fucking shit.

But I opened it and what did I find? A fucking bill for the tests and processing the information. I looked all over for the fucking results or something but no it’s not there. It even has a little blurb about how only doctors can tell patients their results and this is just a summary of billed items. 

Like. Are you fucking kidding me? You’re gonna charge my ass for tests YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SPOKEN TO ME ABOUT?



Or hey I could live my life with balloon vagina until I go infertile from PID thanks to my IUD.