You know what sounds really hot right now?

Quiet sex.

Like, dead of the night, no noise but heavy breathing and squeaking of the bed. Nothing leading up to it either, just late cuddling that slowly built up, with the breathing intensifying as things got more intimate. No words, no loudness, and it ends with hot and sweaty bodies just chilling each other out.

A lot of people have different opinions on what is most romantic when it comes to making love. I think this is the most romantic. The simple sound of people making each other breathless and content. No flashy build up or extravagant displays or porn star showing off and tomfoolery.

When will sex robots be invented?

I miss sex a lot but I don’t miss people being involved in it. Too much bullshit and feelings with people being involved. I don’t like people.

But robots! Robots don’t judge, and don’t hold shitty opinions, and don’t care what you look like, and don’t cause emotional vomiting, and are programmed to do exactly as you need them to. When will the sex robots be invented?

I was having a strange dream where I was a magic sex fairy and at first I was going to grant the wishes of like preteens/teens/young people??? (young people I’m not sure how old) and my brain freeze framed it and was like “wait hold up” and the dream crumpled up like a paper ball and exploded, then rematerialized as me coming to grant the wishes of young adult couples and was like “okay that looks right”.

I wish my subconscious was as on point in previous fucked up dreams I’ve had.

[throws fit on the floor like a baby]

I want to write porn but I’m lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss the blogs I follow being Homestucks because I really am in desperate need for homesmut forever.

I wish I was inspired, creative, and experienced enough to write a kinky story for kiss-the-belly because Risto porn is so important.

> goes onto Weasyl




A thing that irks me is when I want to find Digimon or Pokemon porn and everyone has to draw their crappy inserts/fakemon/trainers having sex with them and it’s like no stop I don’t care about your OCs.

I wish I could draw porn because a happy/shy Candler anally masturbating is totally What’s In for my ovaries this week.

I also bled through one of my favourite panties because my period decided to show up all of a sudden in the middle of class after being gone for two months. No warning whatsoever.