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Mauro waited 5 days for his family to show up but no one came for him. In that time he was not eating or receiving the medical he needs. Until Happy Homes Animal Rescue stepped up to not only save him from the EUTH LIST but to give him love and nurse him back to health. TONIGHT MAURO WAS RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM … HE’S SCREAMING IN PAIN. Happy Homes Animal Rescue is doing everything they can to help him… Please help them by sharing or donating- See more at:


» Help a little girl get her name and gender marker changed!


Help a young girl get her name changed!  My five year old niece has been in transition for the last year, and she is reaching one the most important parts of the journey - her name change.  Even with the new laws in California, the legal cost is still much too high for her family (of five) to afford.   Her family of five doesn’t qualify for the court fee waiver either, even though they are low income.  

Getting her name changed now will guarantee her eventually entry into school (and other things) less scary and complicated.  To raise money, I’m giving away some of my art as a reward for participating.  Please consider donating to help make this young girl’s life brighter than ever!

We’re at $245 of $423!!!  More than half way!  Click on the link below to learn more:




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» ♡ this app spits out money for doing fuck all, and you can help a gal out! ♡



tl;dr i’m chronically ill (best guess is lyme disease, I’m sick enough that i can’t work and have to use a cane at age 22) and that totally sucks, my family kind of was like ‘good luck w/ that bye’ and now i can’t see a doctor because i can’t work, can’t work because i can’t see a doctor, living in poverty etc it’s all quite shitty

BUT there is an app that has allowed me to make money without ever leaving bed. Only like $5 so far, but even that much makes a difference to me, and I know loads of you are also going hungry and that can be the difference between getting fed this weekend or not.

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Please check the thing out!!! If you can’t/don’t do apps a signal boost would also be appreciated, every person i refer is going to help me be able to afford food, my medication, pain relief etc and doesn’t require actually asking for money itself which is great


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The last time I sought funds for surgery (which obviously did not happen), it was because my savings had been depleted by my son’s medical issues. Now, I have more time to save but my expenses have nearly doubled and any help is appreciated. I have put my own needs to the side in order to better serve my family but this is something that is rapidly becoming unbearable. 

As I did last time, I am more than willing to offer my writing talents or work out any other type of trade. Just message me and we can work something out. 




Hey folks, this adorable kittyface is Tripe, a tiny kitten who has been through some serious hardship in her so-far very short life. She was found by my partner’s cousin as one of a litter of abandoned kittens, she was missing one of her hind feet, and now, after having had the injured leg successfully amputated, she has broken her remaining hind leg, and she’s only about two months old. Despite all that she’s a happy and playful kitten, and her person (another cousin) is prepared to do whatever she needs to do to take care of her (she even looked into quality of life and associated medical issues for two-legged cats, but thankfully it doesn’t look like it will come to that), but this itty bitty kitty has racked up some GREAT BIG vet bills, and the vet wants her to have more surgery that her family can’t afford for the broken leg.

They already had a fundraising page set up for the whole litter well before they knew exactly what Tripe’s bills were going to be like, so if you can help financially, please do so. If you can’t donate, you can signal boost and maybe someone who can will see the post. And if you’d like to find out more, the kittens also have a Facebook page — be aware there are some pictures of Tripe’s stitches on there, but you’ll ALSO get to see more of her precious little face and some shots of her siblings. (The very latest updates have all been on personal pages since she’s no longer up for adoption, but news up through right after the amputation is there.)

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» Please Help Sofie


My baby cousin’s dog was hit by a car and has major fractures in her pelvis. Please shard or donate so that we may pay for her medical bills.



She’s only 9 and misses her dog desperately.



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FULL RENDERS 20$, includes a simple background

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If you have any questions or want to commission please send any messages to pizzaTart@hotmail.com

» CALL TO ACTION: Jane Moved to BOYS’ Facility! Call & Tweet DCF and Malloy



Yesterday, July 13, Jane Doe was unexpectedly transferred to CT Juvenile Training School, a locked facility for boys. The transfer was done in secret, without informing her lawyers. DCF is claiming that she is currently being held there in solitary confinement. This means that at best, our sister is in solitary AGAIN, this time in a facility for delinquent males who have been charged with crimes. At worst, she is in general population with those same males.

Effective immediately, we are asking people to call and tweet at CT Governor Dannel Malloy and CT DCF with the following demands:

1. Release Jane Doe from the CT Juvenile Training School into an appropriate environment approved by her therapist. CJTS is a facility for males on parole status - Jane is neither male nor on parole! Release her immediately into a loving foster / adoptive home! 
2. Fire DCF Commissioner Joette Katz now. This person has done enough damage to Jane Doe and who knows how many other youth in her “care”. She is clearly on a sick vendetta against Jane, using Jane’s gender identity to torture her further.
3. CT legislature must repeal CT statute 17a-12, which allows DCF to imprison children and place them in inappropriate, traumatizing environments
4. Launch an independent investigation into CT DCF to uncover ALL the abuses permitted and perpetrated against children in their care.

Call Malloy: 860-566-4840
Call DCF (demand Jane’s immediate release): 860-550-6300
Tweet: @CTDCF and @GovMalloyOffice. Use #JusticeForJane hashtag.

Sample message(s):

  • I’m calling to express my disgust that the abuse of Jane Doe, the 16-year-old transgender victim of trafficking, is continuing at the hands of DCF Commissioner Joette Katz. I am demanding that Jane be immediately released from the CT Juvenile Training School boys’ facility, be given the therapy she deserves and be allowed to be fostered or adopted into a loving home. 

  • It is clear that a commissioner who goes on such a sick vendetta against an abused child, lies about the child’s treatment and demonizes her in order to preserve her own reputation is unfit to hold her highly compensated position. No child should suffer like Jane Doe is. I am demanding that Commissioner Katz be fired now and that her position be filled by someone who knows how to deal with trauma and is not prejudiced against trans* youth. 

  • CT statute 17a-12, which allows DCF to imprison children and which has been the legal root of Jane’s suffering, must be repealed by CT legislature immediately. 

  • Finally, these events and the words of other children in the care of DCF show that Jane is not a unique case. I am demanding that an independent investigation be launched into CT DCF’s treatment of children. Whatever Katz’s preferences may be, it is not OK for a department whose agents traffic and rape children to investigate itself. The safety of these children is at stake and an independent investigation is imperative.

Please stay tuned for announcements of on-the-ground protests, rallies and marches to support Jane. Spread this information far and wide!

FYI: Jane Doe is a 16 year old Latina trans girl. She was previously held in solitary confinement for over a month in an adult prison because the law prohibits under-aged inmates from being in contact with adult inmates.

She is now being held in a juvenile facility for men on parole.

She has not been charged with any crime but is in prison because the Connecticut Department of Children and Families has been unable to provide her with a safe and therapeutic environment.

The transfer to a male facility puts her life in danger as well as puts her at extremely high risk for abuse and sexual assault.

Sign the petition to Free Jane Doe and click here for more ways to help.




I was wondering if it was ok for me to submit this to you guys.

This little guys name is Woodrow. For the last few months he has not been able to eat very well and he has been getting worse. After getting a second opinon on his condition they are reccomending a biopsy to see if he could have cancer. Every day counts, and without proper diagnosis we could just be treating symptoms while something much worse is lurking underneath. I love this guy to death, he is only 10 years old and he could have twice that left but if he does have cancer and it goes untreated for too long it could be too late.

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