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8/4/2014- My cat Spinner is only 3 years old and he’s got a blockage in his urethra making it so he can’t pee and he’s in a lot of pain. He needs emergency surgery in the next couple of days or he will die from it. He’s had the procedure before, and it cost us over $500 that we didn’t have to begin with, and he needs it again asap. He is the first kitty I’ve ever owned and I am broken-hearted hearing his screams and moans of being in pain. There is absolutely no way we can pay another $500+ to take him to the vet again to have this taken care of. His bladder is a big hard ball full of urine that he can’t get out. I’m terrified that he’s not going to make it because our vet doesn’t do any kind of payment plans. Please help my baby boy. Anything and everything will be greatly appreciated. I just hope we can help him in time because having a plugged urethra can literally kill him in a few days time. Please, he’s still a baby, he’s only 3. He’s so important to our lives.

Melissa, Pete, Spinner, Mu, and Bobba




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TW: Rape, sexual harassment, abuse

If you’re involved with the Animal Crossing community on facebook at all, stay clear of WIlliam Zulu Barnes.  https://www.facebook.com/williamjameszulubarnes

Do not talk to him, do not add him, and maybe stay clear of groups that he’s in (he’s in a LOT). He has messaged several underaged girls explicit messages and pictures of his genitalia, and quickly escalates to threatening messages when they ask him to stop. Do not allow a predator to be a part of your AC communities.

This is very important. There is also another male in his 20s harassing younger females on Instagram and befriending them to later reveal himself in this same manner. If you happen to come across these predators, men. Report, report, report!!! No need for men to ruin this Nintendo community the way they have are doing.

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Hello, sir and/or madam! Have you heard the good news?



And while I have your attention, please consider donating to my transition fund, so that I may continue my sacred mission



Ok guys, here’s the thing:
I just found out today that I owe my school lots of money because of a mixup that happened with my financial aid last semester. I won’t go into all the gory details, but I am in very dire straights, because if I don’t pay my debt off by the end of the month, I don’t get to go to paramedic school.
So I need your help.
I promised myself I would never beg for money on tumblr, so I won’t, but this is what I’m proposing:
I will be selling Emergency!-related portraits starting at $5 each. They will look something like these:
imageimageimageMy goal is $100 so I can buy my uniforms, and you will get your art upon payment.

Prices are:
$5 for 4” by 6” colour prints or original pencil drawings
$10 for 6” by 8” colour prints or original pencil drawings OR for the original 4” by 6” colour piece
$15 for a full-page colour print or original pencil drawing OR for the original 6” by 8” colour piece
and $20 for a full-page colour original
All pieces, prints or originals, will be hand signed by me.
If you would like a pairing piece or hand-drawn comic, please contact me and we’ll work out the details, my askbox is open.



Omar and Seashells are rescues that bonded in foster care. Seashells was pregnant and when she gave birth, non-biological father Omar comforted her. 

These two need forever homes as well as the kittens when they are ready. Omar and Seashells need to stay together.

(via Southern California Siamese Rescue - Siamese Available


Signal Boost for Chip

from diigital:

please read

A short while ago my cat Chip was diagnosed with lymphoma. There’s a very large mass inside her that’s pushing vital organs out of place. The specialist thinks the mass is attached to her stomach, in the x-ray you can see the stomach against the rib cage and see the esophagus is slung around the mass. This tumor is causing her to often vomit, sometimes in the vomit is congealed or fresh blood. Without treatment the mass will continue to grow and will surely kill her.

Last Monday we started her first round of chemotherapy and the bill for the first visit was close too $500. Since they’re going to treat her for a year the bill has come to $6,435. My family is already struggling with bills and constantly fixing our house and cars. I’m worried that we won’t have enough to pay for her chemo to rid of the tumor.

I’ve set up a donation link HERE and on my tumblr blog. Every single penny will be put towards her chemotherapy and any ultra sounds or x-rays she needs in the future. Even if you can’t donate it would make me very happy if people signal boosted this. I’ll continue to update as the days go by.

Thank you all so so very much!!




All of us on tumblr know and love harrimaniac27 aka screencaps51 without him, the lives of the Emergency! fandom would be a whole hell of a lot duller AND there would be not nearly as much shirtless Johnny Gage as there should be. 

But our friend here has been thrown into a tangle by his school, and his future as a paramedic is in danger of going all pear-shaped. 

Please share far and wide and let’s help our cool, compassionate, screencapping buddy out. 

I just sponsored.

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Seriously guys, please spread the word about this petition.