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A Better Sexual Education For A Better Future


YES Matters is a campaign group founded with the aim to update sexual education to include the issue of consent and the changing influence of technology on the sexual experiences of young people. The reality of Britain in the 21st century is that mandatory Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) should include consent, the dangers of sexual objectification and the ways that online pornography influences the sexualisation of our children.

YES Matters exists because 86% of UK adults believe SRE should be compulsory in schools. YES Matters wants our children to know that if someone does something against your consent then you have the right to report it and will be supported. We want our children to grow to be respectful, capable adults with healthy attitudes towards themselves and in their relationships.

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Common Concerns about Providing Comprehensive Sex Education


Sex Education leads to promiscuity and earlier sex.

Research from around the world and multiple sources clearly indicates that sexuality education rarely, if ever, leads to earlier sex or promiscuity. Sexuality education can lead to later and more responsible sexual behavior and comprehensive sex education is more likely to lead to delayed start of sexual activity than abstinence-only education.

Children are innocent and sex education takes that away from them

Getting the right information that is scientifically accurate, non-judgmental, age-appropriate and complete in a carefully phased process from the beginning of formal schooling is something from which all children and young people benefit. In the absence of this, children and young people will often receive conflicting and sometimes damaging messages from their peers, the media or other sources. Good quality sexuality education balances this through the provision of correct information and an emphasis on values and relationships.

Our religion and culture clearly states that sex education is not okay

Many sex education guidelines and curricula both international and national understand the need for cultural relevance and local adaptations, through engaging and building support among those keeping the culture in a given community. Key stakeholders, including religious leaders, must be involved in the development of what form sexuality education takes. However, the guidance also stresses the need to change social norms and harmful practices that are not in line with human rights and increase vulnerability and risk.

It’s the parents job to educate children

Traditional ways of getting children ready for sexual life and relationships are breaking down in some places, often with nothing to fill the void. Sexuality education recognizes the primary role of parents
and the family as a source of information, support and care in shaping a healthy approach to sexuality and relationships. The role of governments through ministries of education, schools and teachers, is to support
and complement the role of parents by providing a safe and supportive learning environment and the tools and materials to deliver good quality sexuality education. Most sex education curricula encourage communication with parents and guardians and provide a way to start conversations that might not have started otherwise.

There will be too much backlash from parents

Parents and families play a primary role in shaping key aspects of their children’s sexual identity, and sexual and social relationships. Schools and educational institutions where children and young people spend a large part of their lives are an appropriate environment for young people to learn about sex, relationships and HIV and other STIs. When these institutions function well, young people are able to develop the values, skills and knowledge to make informed and responsible choices in their social and sexual lives. Teachers should be qualified and trusted providers of information and support for most children and young people. In most cases, parents are among the strongest supporters of quality sexuality education programmes in schools.

Sex education may be good for teens, but not for children

Many comprehensive sex education curricula and guidelines are built upon the principle of age-appropriateness reflected in the grouping of learning objectives, outlined in Volume II, with flexibility to take account of local and community contexts. Sexuality education encompasses a range of relationships, not only sexual relationships. Children are aware of and recognize these relationships long before they act on their sexuality and therefore need the skills to understand their bodies, relationships and feelings from an early age. Sexuality education lays the foundations by learning the correct names for parts of the body, understanding principles of human reproduction, exploring family and interpersonal relationships, learning about safety, and developing confidence. These can then be built upon gradually, in line with the age and development of a child.

Teachers lack the education, skills, or comfort to teach sex education

Well-trained, supported and motivated teachers play a key role in the delivery of good quality sexuality education. Clear school policies and curricula help to support teachers in this regard. Teachers
should be encouraged to specialize in sexuality education through added emphasis on formalizing the subject in the curriculum, as well as stronger professional development and support.

Enough sex education is taught in other classes like biology, home economics, and civics.

Ministries, schools and teachers in many countries are already responding to the challenge of improving sexuality education. While recognizing the value of these efforts, using the International Technical
Guidance presents an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen the curriculum, teaching practice and the evidence base in a dynamic and rapidly changing field.

Sex education should promote (my) values

Most comprehensive sex education curricula and guidelines supports a rights-based approach in which values such as respect, acceptance, tolerance, equality, empathy and reciprocity are inextricably linked to
universally agreed human rights. It is not possible to divorce considerations of values from discussions of sexuality


The Failures Of Abstinence-Only Education Illustrated In 2 Charts


If decreasing sexual activity is the goal, there’s actually a large body of research proving that comprehensive sex ed is an effective tool for accomplishing that. Kids who receive accurate information about sexuality, including information about how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs, are more likely to delay having sex until they’re older.”

Everyone should have the right to learn CORRECT information about their bodies, sex, birth control, etc. Information is power, and providing young adults with this information is necessary so that they can make the right decisions for themselves.

Bre, Masakhane Program Development Intern

Porn's influence is real. Sex education is the answer



Make a Difference - Sex, Etc.


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"16 and Pregnant' May Work, But We Could Do So Much Better

By studying research on teens who abstained for a period of time, Haignere found that abstinence has a user-failure rate between 26 and 86 percent. This rate is higher than the condom user-failure rate, which is between 12 and 70 percent.

Abstinence Is Foolproof? Think Again! (via fuckyeahsexeducation)

“Now that I’ve been in a relationship for over a year and we’re considering becoming sexually active, I realize that my sex ed experiences made me terrified of sex. My teachers made it seem like everyone had an STD, and that contraceptives are expected to fail. If it weren’t for my own reading, I wouldn’t know what kinds of contraceptives are available,” says Maurer.

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Petition to provide adequate, modern sex education in schools

Hi Tumblr, 

I’ve started this petition to Gove to improve and modernise sex education in British schools. I for one had shitty sex ed that revolved around heterosexual sex and abstaining from sex in any form. Frankly, this video by TomSka and everything by Laci Green provides more information than 7 years of schooling did. That, to me, is shocking. And incredibly dangerous. There are thousands of kids out there having sex without knowing what they need to know. It can be easily solved with the improvement of sex education in schools. Please share and sign this, it’s kinda really important! 

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New Device to Protect Against Pregnancy, Herpes, and HIV Is Possible


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It won’t be on the market for a while yet, but it’s something to watch for.

I do wonder if they’ll test the gel form of the antiviral part on queer men.

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