Hey guess what who gives a fuck if someone is bitter.

Why everyone so god damned pressed about someone’s general look on life and attitude.

Why do people make it their business to piss their pants about someone not shitting rainbows or someone finding annoyance with kawaii desu bullshit in their face.

I sometimes think about how ugly they would find me now.

The stretch marks. The cellulite. The fat. The scars. The acne. The hair.

I wasn’t good enough to start with, and now I’m even worse.

Gross and disgusting. Hideous.

Apparently Feminist Frequency lady posted IPs of the dudebros sending her extremely disgusting and misogynistic emails and this counts as doxxing and now she’s super evil for doing it.

Which is pretty hilarious considering a few things

  • IP addresses mean jack shit all in the grand scheme of things. They aren’t a “unique computer ID”. They are easily changed and disguised and redirected, etc. It doesn’t even necessarily have any connection to a person’s actual location, in fact trying to trace an IP to a specific location usually gets the average person no where, at best within the same state, at worst somewhere completely off the fucking radar. Additionally you can very easily use someone else’s IP(s). So, again, in sum: IPs don’t mean shit. Nobody has ever been in danger of anything because their IP at the time of a message was visible.
  • This chick gets threats out the wazoo, as does any woman who dares speak against men or identify as feminist. It’s actually pretty expected for her to have an IP tracker. This is obviously not malicious intent to seek out people’s personal information; it’s really, really obvious by the message signatures that these are fucking automated. Like, have you idiots never run a website before? Even free forums hand out members’ IPs like candy to anyone you allow it to.
  • People have her personal information down to a T and, as stated, frequently THREATEN HER. WITH SERIOUS INTENT. Yet we bitch when we believe she’s nipped back and blow it sky high in outrage? Y’all as transparent as microorganisms.
  • Also, that bit about her breaking the law? If it really were illegal to share someone’s IP publicly, you do realize the massive amount of people that would be paying fines and spending time in jail? Shit, websites frequently display the IPs of recent visitors. Screaming about endangerment and blackmail is clear and obvious hyperbolic hysteria meant to get even more people attacking her. You people are so fucking obvious.
  • One piece of information, that doesn’t even mean anything, doesn’t count as doxxing. Also, doxxing rarely results in anything for the type of people she’s receiving emails from. Even when it does, the anti-sj/Reddit community is quick to pick up the tab, primary example being the creepshots pedophile who got fired after people showed his boss what he was doing, but had quite a sum of money donated to him and continues to live a fine life.
  • Real doxxing or not, who gives a fuck? For Bast’s sake, one email she posted was so ripe with pure unabashed misogyny, how the fuck are you on these people’s side? I do not care whatsoever what happens to such disgusting people, and quite frankly neither should you.
  • I mean, fucking HELL, the fact you’re so quick to jump to the defense of “innocent” people literally spewing hate speech, claiming she’s threatening their lives, but are dead silent or pull a “bitch deserves it” attitude whenever discussion comes to the fact SHE is threatened daily by hundreds or more… is fucking crystalline.

For the record, I’ve never seen her videos, and I’ve very rarely seen a post or comment by her. I am neutral towards her. But what I ain’t neutral towards is the blatant and obvious smear/hate campaigns launched against her because she’s a female feminist attempting to permeate nerd culture, which has locked out women for decades.

Trying to find information on that episode of some paranormal show that I mentioned, I found this instead. First result.


Capitalism works tho, right?

I don’t remember this part looking this fucking ridiculous.

The irony of me finally being able to handle weed and I decide to stop entirely because even taking it correctly is such a fucking chore.

I’m still thinking about that stuff because I skimmed through it all again last night. I do tangents like that for no reason.

It really was hilarious as hell. One Redditor accused me of becoming a “Demi-quasi-trans-queer-neko-ethnicity-kin out of nowhere” after I joined Tumblr. And the same user then howled with outrage that I had apparently “used a man for sex” (because when cis men have one night stands it’s okay but other people can’t do that?).

I think those are the two funniest parts of it, yes.

I love how people were so excited for the new Sailor Moon and I was like “uh it doesn’t look that great” and wow what do you know it’s actually kinda shitty.

Here’s another warning about bringing back the 90s.

While I was investigating those keywords I found a cached Reddit thread that was deleted that featured someone who made an account just to spew some made up shit about me, and I realize that this is the “source” that that hilarious “call out” post against me was referencing, or they are both the same person.

I never really addressed that post in full. To be honest, I barely read it. Last night I went back over it and there’s just so much hilarious, nonsensical, paranoid, contradictory, pure bullshit in it. It almost makes me regret not taking it down step by step. The best part is I tried to get an explanation from the poster but they never replied and literally never mentioned me or the post or anything related to it ever again (and didn’t beforehand either).

Like, the people who believe that post (there’s like two or three) are just reaching so hard to find a reason to write me off.

According to StatCounter, “dametora nsfw” and several combinations of “grandfather” “molestation” and “tumblr” have been the top searches that result in my blog.

So, basically people are trying to find nudes of me, for whatever reason.

And at first I thought people were trying to find child porn and came to my blog, but the searches started getting more specific (particularly by including “tumblr”), so for some reason, people are specifically seeking out this post.

These two in conjunction are mildly unnerving.