I used to be one of those assholes who was like “you can’t be mangasexual” but now I understand the power of fictional babes.

I, Aku, Master Dickwad that The Universe for Some Reason Thinks Is an Such a Great Guy that Nobody but Jack Has Thought About Stopping My Shenanigans

In my opinion, annoying/pestering your pets is only abusive if it is consistent and excessive. Or in other words, it stops being annoying and becomes just plain harassment.

If you don’t understand, replace “pets” with “humans” and then you’ll get where the line is.

Oh, and that does include taking into account your pet’s individuality. Some cats you can stack endless piles of shit on and they won’t even wake up. Other cats are annoyed, and then they’re pissed and don’t want to be around you.

Be aware of your teasing just like you would if you were with a human friend.

When I first heard about Mega Lopunny I was skeptical but I really have grown to love it.

They went from a “male gaze teehee” design to a “martial arts bad ass woman” design.

I prefer the way fan art has drawn them because the official art so far looks pretty awkwardly posed but otherwise yes I do love and may have to have one on my team. If I get the games.

Hey man it’s all right to use she/her pronouns for the gems since they don’t seem to mind and seem to prefer them, or perhaps they’re used to them and just default to them, or perhaps she/her is the default neutral pronoun for Gems (unlike humans). And Amethyst has shown she doesn’t care about he/him/his pronouns, at least. So you could say, pretty much any pronoun is okay.

And yeah, okay, give them feminine appearances too.

But why you gotta give them boobs (there is never any semblance of cleavage ever).

Why you gotta give them vaginas (they are aliens and don’t reproduce like humans as is exampled by how Steven was born?).

Why you gotta insist they are 100% cis female in a human way when even Rebecca Sugar says Gems don’t have gender why you gotta do this.

And why you gotta make Amethyst and Garnet paler or less shapely and why you gotta super “feminize” and sexualize Sugilite and then do nothing to change how Pearl and Opal look.

Y’all are transparent as fuck.

Listening to people over and over again hoping for Pokemon games to become extremely hard like

It is a children’s game.

I don’t care how many of you fuckers have been playing since RBGY. I don’t care how many of you fuckers are just getting into it but are adults too. I don’t care how many of you fuckers want to throw around your “hardcore gamer” fat bellies with every game you play. I don’t care how many of you fuckers are 80s/90s kids who “remember when games required SKILL”.


And you know what? Even if it wasn’t, fuck OFF. Games are allowed to not have insane difficulty levels. Games are allowed to be able to be enjoyed by anyone. And I think Pokemon is doing pretty fucking fine at the level it’s at, and your stupid ass is still playing it, so exactly what reason does Nintendo have to change that all of a sudden? Oh right. None.

That awkward moment where someone can read you so perfectly you can’t even send them anonymous messages or shit because they’d know it’s you instantly…

…and yet in return you feel like they’re a total mystery.

Nicki Minaj voiced Sugilite.

I repeat.


Sugared strawberries with whip cream are a gift.

Chameleons look so fucking suspicious of everything.