Here are just some of the reasons why doing nothing is no longer an option (click on the link below for more information)

In Bristol a baby boy’s skull was fractured during a home circumcision when he fell off the kitchen table

In Oxford nearly 1 in 2 boys circumcised at a Islamic school suffered complications

In Birmingham, two boys every week are admitted to A&E with complications and 1 a month suffers a life-threatening injury

In London, 32 boys were treated in the Royal London hospital with circumcision complications in the course of one summer

In London a Ghanaian baby bled to death in his home this February after being circumcised by a Rabbi

In Oldham, a woman will be tried for manslaughter after a baby boy she circumcised bled to death

When baby boys are being injured and killed by a medically unnecessary practice it’s time to take action - please click here to sign our online petition and help us End Unnecessary Male Circumcision in the UK.

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A man rooting around his medicine cabinet found one of his ex-girlfriend’s old pregnancy tests. Because he was bored or felt like peeing on something, he took one of the tests, and much to his surprise, it came back positive. ”Lol,” he thought, probably. He told his friend about the ordeal, who then turned the humorous tale into a rage comic and posted it on Reddit.

And that’s the decision that saved his friend’s life.

Science fact: pregnancy tests detect beta human chorionic gonadotropin, which is not only a sign of a potential pregnancy but also, in some cases, testicular cancer. Several Reddit users knew this and told the man to get to a doctor.

“You may have testicular cancer! Get to an oncologist, tell them you took a pregnancy test and it came out positive,” one Redditor wrote.

Another wrote: “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it.”

The rage comic artist alerted his friend, who set up an appointment with an oncologist. It turns out that Reddit was right; the man had tiny tumor is his right ball.

Of course, the Reddit user announced the news with another rage comic.

I am pretty sure this is the only recorded occurance of rage comics actually accomplishing something positive I have seen in my life

Wow this is actually really helpful, all men should know about this


Dr Momma - peaceful parenting: The AAP 2012 Circumcision Policy Statement and What I Have Learned from a Decade of Intactivism

Circumcision will stop when people of child bearing age are educated on the true function of the foreskin and the harms that can result from male infant circumcision. The best time to educate someone is before they have the opportunity to circumcise a baby boy.

I see this working out already. Many teenage boys and young men are upset with their parents for letting them be circumcised. Those boys and men will not let their sons be circumcised. The cycle stops.


If you do not know what something is made of and how it works, it doesn’t have value to you. You never go to a yard sale, an antique shop, an auction and pick up an item you do not recognize, you know nothing about and say “Wow, this is so neat, I just have to buy it!” You cannot find value in something if you do not know what it is and what it does. The same is true for the foreskin. This is exactly why the prevailing myths in America of “oh, it’s gross” and “it’s dirty” and “it’s a useless flap of skin” thrive – people know nothing of its structure and function.

They do not know:

  • that the foreskin contains far more fine touch nerve receptors than the exterior parts of the female clitoris (over 20,000 verses about 8,000).
  • that the foreskin is a double layered skin system and is approximately 12-15 square inches in an adult. 
  • that the end of the penis is supposed to be mucosal tissue like the inside of the cheek or the inside of the eyelid.
  • that the foreskin slides and has a gliding action during intercourse, all the while providing exquisite sensations for the man that shape his orgasmic response.
  • that this gliding action maintains a woman’s vaginal lubrication and does not dry her vagina out, making for a more comfortable experience for both partners and eliminating the need for artificial lubricants. 
  • that having the foreskin increases the girth of the penis and that it allows a man to have enough skin to accommodate his whole penis – intact men are larger. 
  • that intact men often use shorter, gentler strokes, thus maintaining more contact between his pubic bone and hers, and her clitoris. 
  • that intact men do not need to pound and thrust like many circumcised men do to achieve orgasm.

When they learn this – suddenly the foreskin has value! Once a person sees it has function for the man and for his partner, it is much easier for them to allow into their minds the idea that a man shouldn’t be robbed of this function and value. All of a sudden his bodily integrity seems important. His right to choose seems important.


All of a sudden infection is easily explained by the fact that girls get genital infections and we medicate them, we do not amputate their genitals. We can do the same for men.


All of a sudden it’s not just a little snip. It’s the elimination of what will ultimately become 50% or more of the penile skin. It is the destruction of an exquisite system designed to protect the glans in babyhood from the diaper environment, and from abrasion with clothing for the rest of life.

None of these facts sway people until they first establish a value for the foreskin. Until they understand and believe a value in it, circumcision will always be a valid ‘parental choice’ to protect a baby from disease and to conform to society (in America).

The medical community will not stop soliciting circumcision until the liability of risk outweighs the profits to be gained. This will only happen when lawsuits for damage are greater than profits. While there have been many gross injuries and even deaths, they don’t get the attention they deserve because we don’t value the foreskin more than the risks of cutting babies. The uneducated public is willing to ignore the few horrible mishaps for the greater myth of a cleaner, prettier penis because they don’t know the value of the foreskin.

I know that so many of us are disheartened by the AAP’s new policy statement, but we have to realize that the AAP is a professional trade organization and it exists for the promotion of its members – pediatric doctors. It is not, and never will be, a patient advocacy group. They have a profit line to maintain and a drop in circumcision rates is not beneficial to them.

They will not stop soliciting circumcision until one of two things happens (or both):

1) The financial risk of performing this unethical surgery outweigh the profit to be made: lawsuits for botched circumcisions or bodily integrity violations cost too much.  
2) The majority of parents staunchly refuse, forcing them to do an internal evaluation of the procedure. I suspect it would take 75% or so refusing before this happens.
» Tell the AAP to rescind their unscientific policy on circumcision


Send you letter here

No medical organization in the world agrees with the AAP’s statements on circumcision.  Let them know how you feel.

Intact America’s official letter campaign! You know what to do.


» A Note to My Followers


In case you aren’t aware, the American Academy of Pediatrics is going to release a statement tomorrow saying that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks.  I will be most likely have plenty to say about this issue come the next week. Hopefully we can all be further educated on how unethical this trade organisation really is.  

Some things to know about this policy statement:

Not a single study was included in the Circumcision Task Force selected literature that included anatomy, physiology, neurology, or function of the foreskin. 

On page 772 the AAP states the actual incidence of complication of circumcision is unknown, and six pages later states the benefits outweigh these not yet determined risks.

The AAP discards and dismisses cases of severe complication including loss of glans, loss of penis, buried penis and death as ‘case studies.’

The AAP did not include a single study on Bioethics. 

The AAP recommends parents of intact sons forcibly retract the foreskin (which is COMPLETELY biologically damaging, equivalent to douching the vagina of a baby girl). Forced foreskin retraction creates scar tissue, and often leads to a medically necessary circumcision.

All the men on the Circumcision Task Force are circumcised.


And tag onto this the part where they recommended female circumcision so they didn’t have to explain male circumcision only a few years ago.

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It’s in German, but you can get the gist of it with Google Translate.


Saskatoon WellBeing Magazine: 9 Arguments Against Infant Circumcision

The circumcision decision is a false decision. Parents do not need to decide if they need to cut off a healthy part of their baby sons. They can leave their sons whole and intact without any harm to their newborn baby boy. But for those parents who think that they need to make a circumcision, this article provides nine reasons to avoid male infant circumcision. The reasons range from debunking the myth of hygiene to the fact that male circumcision affects sexual function.

» Different Handjobs for Different Penises


(Note: I’ve only been on the receiving end of handjobs. This post is just explaining what feels good for me, as a loosely circumcised restoring man. If anyone wants to add their input, whether you’re a giver, receiver, or both, feel free to do so.)

Many people think that giving a handjob is the same whether the penis is circumcised or not. Others think the two experiences are completely different. The reason for the discrepancy is probably due to the fact that there are varying degrees of circumcision, which most people don’t realize.

The two main types of circumcision are loose and tight. A loose circumcision removes less skin than a tight circumcison. With a loose circumcision, the skin on the penis can still be moved around, much like the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. There are varying degrees; sometimes the skin can move all the way over the head, sometimes it can only move partially over it.

With a tight circumcision, more skin is removed, to the point that the remaining skin has little-to-no wiggle room. It can barely be moved at all, let alone over the head. I wrote a more deatiled explanation of both types here further explaining the differences between the two, and how both (especially tight) are missing the benefits of a fully intact foreskin. This guide mainly explains how the different variations need to be stimulated differently.

I’ll start with the intact (uncircumcised) penis. The foreskin is intended to glide back and forth over the penile shaft and head, and that’s exactly what you should make it do. Just glide the skin back and forth with your hand, it’s really quite easy, and it won’t hurt the penis*. The head of an intact penis is very sexually sensitive, so it’s important that you’re definitely gliding the skin over it, and the stretching of pulling the skin as you glide it down the shaft is very pleasurable too. 

*In some cases, the foreskin is too “tight” and won’t pull back all the way. If that’s the case, just move the skin as far as you can. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you’ll hurt your partner, just ask them. Communication is important with any sexual experience.

The foreskin is quite a sexually sensitive part, and occasionally paying attention to just it alone may be very pleasurable for your partner. As a form of foreplay, try just rubbing the foreskin together, or kneading parts of it with your finger. Particularly, the most sensitive parts of the foreskin tend to be the frenulum (the bridge of skin on the underside, connecting the foreskin to the head) and the frenular delta (the spot where they meet). You could also try just slowly stroking your fingers from the base of the penis’ underside, and gently moving up to the foreskin. Or grip the penis from the head, and slowly slide your grip down over the shaft. Foreskin responds very well to light, gentle sensations like these. If you’re not worried about pulling the skin too far, another trick is to occasionally pull the skin down slightly taut (but not TOO taut). Foreskin also reacts well to stretching motions like this.

Now, for the loosely circumcised penis. As I said before, these penises still have mobile skin, so no lube is required. However, they are typically less mobile than a foreskin. With a loosely cut penis, your concern shouldn’t be pulling back too far: rather, make sure you’re not pulling it over the head too far. While it is ideal to move skin over the head, it may simply be uncomfortable, painful, or impossible to do so in some cases. Try and gauge how easily the skin moves over the head. If it goes up nice and smoothly, you should be fine, but if it feels like there’s some resistance, ask your partner if it hurts them. I can’t emphasize this enough: communication during sex isn’t something awkward. It’s something that’s good and important.

Aside from that, stimulating a loosely circumcised penis is much like stimulating one with a foreskin. The only other big difference is that it simply won’t be as sensitive. The head and the foreskin remnant (if any) will be dried out from constant exposure, and thus won’t react as strongly, especially to light touches. This doesn’t mean foreplay is out of the question, it just might not have as much of an effect.

Then, the tightly circumcised penis. With no skin to glide back and forth, you technique is going to be quite different, and more friction-y. In some cases, your partner may prefer lube (or just spit), as the friction otherwise may be too much. Others may still be fine without lube, so long as you’re not painfully rough with it. Either way, you’re still going to be jerking your hand up and down along his shaft and head, there’s just little-to-no gliding skin. With lube, you’ll want to grip somewhat tightly, as if your hand was a vagina or anus. Without lube, you’ll need to grip a little lighter so you don’t hurt them. You may want to pay special attention to the corona (the ridge of the head). When there is no foreskin of frenulum remnant (which is often the case for the tightly circumcised), the corona is often the most sensitive remaining part of the penis. So, occasionally you’ll want to focus your jerking around the corona. Don’t do this the whole time, though: the corona can get oversensitive very easily if too much stimulation is focused directly on it.

A tightly circumcised follower of mine, sharewhatsgood, had this to say:

I’m tightly cut, and I prefer slow, gentle, up-and-down or circular massaging of the shaft with the fingers, or small, fast up-and-down tugs with a loose circular grip. It’s also nice to do a normal fist-handed HJ with only lube on the head so that I get the massaging of the shaft (no hand-on-skin sliding, just tugging the skin), and good sliding stimulation of the head. There’s really no way to comfortably stimulate the head with a hand without lube or precum. Just my personal preference, not sure how this would work for other guys.”

I’ll finish this with just some general handjob pointers, that apply for any type of penis:

-This might just be me, but for some reason they feel better for me when the penis is pointed upwards (as opposed to pointing more towards my stomach)

-A general trick you can do is ocassionally have your pinky finger grip tighter than the rest of your fingers. Having that little bit of varying pressure moving up and down feels good along the shaft.

-Some guys love ball stimulation. Others hate it. If you decide to try it, make sure you’re being somewhat gentle. You know how sensitive testicles are.

-This is a really important one. When your partner begins to orgasm, don’t stop stimulating. Keeping going.  I’ve heard of girls who, for some reason, just stop jerking the second they see semen. Don’t do this! The most pleasurable stimulation tends to be during the orgasm. If you just stop then, it kind of stunts the orgasm a bit, so keep going until every bit of semen is out (though you may want to slow down towards the very end of the orgasm).

-On the subject of orgasming, try not to switch hands in the middle of one. There’s nothing wrong with your hands getting tired and having to switch back and forth, but it’s best to do so before the orgasm. Switching your hands during it, even if you do it quickly, can be a bit of an orgasm-kill.

-Once they get close to orgasming, don’t change your technique or speed too much (other than maybe to go just slightly faster). It’s great to be creative and switch things up earlier in the session, but once he’s on the verge of orgasm, it’s best to just stick with what you’re doing.

-If at any point your partner says/implies that the stimulation is “too much,” they’re probably referring to the head. Even in circumcised penises, the head can get oversensitive sometimes, so if he seems to be overwhelmed, just stick to the shaft for a little bit.

And there you have it. If you want me to elaborate on anything, feel free to ask.


While I prefer manual tugging and wearing the DTR device, cross-taping is a very useful method for those starting out with very little mobile skin.

The strategy of mass circumcision is an unethical and dangerous distraction in the battle against HIV and AIDS. Intact America calls upon the governing bodies of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS to tell the truth: circumcision does not prevent AIDS. Will you help UNAIDS and the WHO get the message by signing our petition now?