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 passed the Senate today with a vote of 64-32 and now advances to the House. Everyone has worked so hard and deserves to celebrate tonight. This weekend I will be celebrating the victories from this week and on Monday I will come back to work ready to keep fighting alongside my community for the equality we deserve.

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While the head honchos at the HRC are making 6 figure salaries from donations to support ‘marriage equality’, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ youth are homeless and are purposely ignored by mainstream gay organizations. The ‘fight’ for same sex marriage has proven to be a profitable business for gay ‘non-profit’ businesses, so it’s no wonder why gay marriage overshadows all other LGBTQ issues. After all, helping the needy results in smaller pay.

Supporting gay marriage doesn’t mean you support the queer struggle. In fact, most ‘allies’ and even a large portion of more fortunate queers don’t know the facts about LGBTQ homelessness, violence against trans* people, high unemployment, discrimination, etc, nor do they bother to research it. They are just concerned about their favorite gay celebrities being able to tie the knot.

If you care about the queer struggle, take a minute of your day to familiarize yourself with some of the disturbing statistics:

  • 20- 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ. In comparison, the general youth population is only 3-10% LGBTQ.
  • LGBTQ youth are twice as likely to experience sexual abuse before the age of 12.
  • LGBTQ youth, once homeless, are at higher risk for victimization, mental health problems, and unsafe sexual practices. 58.7% of LGBTQ homeless youth have been sexually victimized compared to 33.4% of heterosexual homeless youth
  • LGBTQ youth are roughly 7.4 times more likely to experience acts of sexual violence than heterosexual homeless youth
  • LGBTQ homeless youth commit suicide at higher rates (62%) than heterosexual homeless youth (29%)
  • At least 20% of ALL transgender people will be homeless sometime in their life.
  • 29% of transgender people reported being turned away from a homeless shelter due to their transgender status.

Please consider taking action to help combat LGBTQ homelessness. I suggest making a donation to the Ali Forney Center or volunteering at your local LGBTQ homeless shelter.

P.S. Fuck the HRC!



March Is bisexual health awareness month The bisexual resource centre in Boston USA have a page devoted to links regarding bisexual health awareness…

Every week I work on an episode about bisexuality. Soon….

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The SB 2681, “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act " was requested by conservative Republican Governor Phil Bryant, and approved 48-0 by the Mississippi Senate. 

Like similar bills in Kansas and Arizona, this bill essentially legalizes segregation and discrimination on the basis of religion. It would allow businesses to deny goods or services to any LGBTQ  people and any other person they decide their religious beliefs do not approve of.

SB 2681, Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, would require that “state action shall not burden a person’s right to the exercise of religion”  by compelling “any action contrary to a person’s exercise of religion.” The bill defines “exercise of religion” to mean “the ability to act in a manner that is substantially motivated by one’s sincerely held religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief.”

This means that a business could legally discriminate against LGBTQ people if it claims that such discrimination is motivated by their “sincerely held religious belief.” This bill legitimizes discrimination and segregation in Mississippi state law.  

SB 2681, passed the state Senate with 48 yes-votes, zero no-votes, (4 senators absent: Brown, Clark, McDaniel, and Sojourner), and will now go up for  a vote in the House. If passed, it would go into effect July 1, 2014.

The bill would also amend the state seal to include God We Trust.”

I’m asking everyone on Tumblr to sign this. The petition still needs over 1,000 signatures as well and I know it can be done. As well as signing the petition, please share this graphic on Tumblr and any other social media. If you live in the state, please contact the reps and urge them to say no. Lets not let the house win this. 

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Marriage is not an important issue. People’s lives are at stake.

But… marriage IS an important issue? It’s not the most important but marriage inequality CONTRIBUTES to the hatred of and discrimination towards the queer community and particularly affects trans individuals as many states refuse to recognize their opposite-gender relationships despite supposedly being legal, and thus trans people are denied a lot of benefits that they could really use, such as healthcare coverage.


Uganda’s infamous anti-gay bill has been signed into law by President Museveni. Our friends in Uganda are calling for the whole world to make noise and not let this awful law go unnoticed, so share the facts.

And as Ugandan LGBT groups challenge this bill in court, sign to tell global leaders to speak out too:


of course it’s georgia

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