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Did you know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to ban gay and bisexual men from donating blood, even though we’re now able to test blood for HIV in a few hours?! Well, they do.

On July 11 (this Friday!!), the National Gay Blood Drive will protest this ban by having gay and bisexual men bring allies to donate in their place. 

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Some of the biggest LGBT organizations in the field have formally dropped their support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because it allows an exemption for religiously-affiliated employers and institutions. 

The organizations who cosigned this announcement are the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the ACLU, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, Lambda Legal, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and the Transgender Law Center. Their statement reads that ENDA’s religious exemption clause has long been a source of concern, but “the Supreme Court’s decision on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby has made it clear that religious exemption provisions are ‘no longer tenable.’”

ENDA has been around for decades and reintroduced in many forms, but it has yet to make any real progress in Congress. These organizations say that if it passes as is, it will still leave a substantial number of LGBT employees without workplace protections.

"Moreover, it actually might lessen non-discrimination protections now provided for LGBT people by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and very likely would generate confusion rather than clarity in federal law," they wrote Tuesday. "Finally, such a discrimination provision in federal law likely would invite states and municipalities to follow the unequal federal lead." …

“Federal legislation to protect LGBT people from workplace discrimination is way beyond overdue, but Congress has no place giving religiously affiliated employers a license to discriminate against LGBT workers,” said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office. ”We can no longer support a bill that treats LGBT discrimination as different and somehow more legitimate than other forms of discrimination.”

This could be a serious game-changer. The biggest name in the LGBT game, obviously and unfortunately, is the Human Rights Campaign. ENDA is huge for them right now, which is why we haven’t heard from them yet (and possibly won’t at all). If they come forward with an announcement, that’ll be an even bigger deal.

The absence of any religious exemptions in a potential new ENDA might make it even harder for workplace equality to pass (or even come up for a vote) in a Republican-dominated House, but considering it wasn’t moving as is, at the very least we can hope for a new version that doesn’t deliberately leave some of us out. Even if it takes forever to move, we’ll all be able to stand behind it proudly, knowing we’re not throwing LGBT workers from religious organizations under the bus in the process. 

» Surprise, Study Confirms Hiring Discrimination Against LGBT People Is Real


Surprise, Study Confirms Hiring Discrimination Against LGBT People Is Real

The Equal Rights Center has found — perhaps unsurprisingly, but nonetheless, depressingly — that people who indicate that they have worked for LGBT causes on their resumes are 23% less likely to land a job interview than people who don’t.

Only if you left your Autostraddle internship off your CV... via Shutterstock

Only if you left your Autostraddle internship off your CV… via Shutterstock

The study sent resumes of nonexistent peopleto over 100 different openings at eight…

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7 facts you may not know about LGBT pride

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Video Shows Pittsburgh Cop Punching Teen At Gay Pride In An Apparent Use Of Excessive Force

A video showing a Pittsburgh Police officer using what appears to be excessive force on a 19-year-old Pittsburgh PrideFest attendee, has sparked outrage online after it was shared on Facebook late Sunday afternoon.

According to eyewitness Autumn Huntera, the incident occurred around 5 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Huntera explains that the teen engaged in a heated debate with a group of anti-gay protesters attending the Pride festival: “She was saying that being gay is not a sin and that she was a lesbian and proud of it, and that she wasn’t going to hell for it.”

Huntera detailed her account of the incident for us:

The girl was debating with one of the protesters, and she stepped closer without even realizing it and the officer ran over to her. He grabbed her by the back of her neck, pulled her over, dropped her on the ground, pulled her up by her hair, and said “Do you want me to hit you.” When she didn’t respond, he hit her in stomach area about 4 or 5 times repeatedly. After everyone yelled at him, he hand cuffed her, put her against a wall. She was crying against a wall next to her ‘attacker’ while her fiancee was panicking trying to find someone who recorded it.

Huntera adds that the protester and teen were about a foot apart when the officer grabbed her without prior warning.

Please signal boost, the news stations in the area are NOT giving it much airtime or writing articles about it, so we need to spread the word.

Pittsburgh cops are known for being super corrupt and I won’t be surprised if nothing comes of this and he walks away a free man. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN

» Okay so here’s another huge list


I’m gonna do a thing.  A list thing.  And that list thing is gonna be to compile all gender and sexuality related flags, pride buttons and pride scarves.  An anon on pride-flags-for-us sent an ask asking for smthn like this a while ago and it’s about time I get to it. 

I wanna do this bc 1) I like lists and organisation 2) I was bored and 3) I want to compile these in an easy to access place so ppl can refer to them.  Individuals should be able to decorate their blogs and show their pride and what better way to do that than with cute graphics?

So this is gonna be under a cut and it’s gonna be redundant as fuck but bear with me.  I like everything to be organised so yeah.

Oh also mobile bloggers, this is a long ass list with about 90 images. Idk how to make it any shorter especially since tumblr doesn’t like to put Read Mores on the mobile app.  So here’s the thing: It’s all in the same order Pride Flag»Pride Button»Pride Scarf.  If you want to click on the images it’s your choice.  But do NOT click on the third image, the scarf. It will not load in mobile and will just give a long stretch of white space.

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This is my home state. This is where I live. My community is allowing this to happen, and it is fucking terrifying beyond reason.

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Imagine you’re 16 and you’ve just realized you might be gay. You’re being bullied, so reach out to your school for help – they send you to a chaplain. He says that being gay is a disease and you need to be cured.

Sound outrageous? The Australian government has just decided that’s what should happen in schools all over the country. The Federal Budget was just released with $245 million to send chaplains from anti-gay religious groups into schools instead of qualified social workers.

There’s still a chance to stop it. The Opposition is about to decide if they should pass the budget in full, seek to amend it or block it entirely. If this secret religious agenda doesn’t make headlines, it could be forgotten and passed without debate.

Help raise the alarm and stop tax money from being spent to bully vulnerable students. We only have days.
Join me and sign the petition here

This is straight up disgusting and I want to fucking kill every cishet christian politician that ever existed






This is my friend Sam and I.

We go to a private boarding school in Lake Tahoe, California.

Sam is pan-sexual and myself, well, I am a bit confused of who I am at the moment.

Last night, our school had a formal dinner and I asked Sam to be my date a week ago, he said yes!

The night of the formal dinner, Sam asked our assistant headmaster if he could wear a dress, he said no before he had even finished the question. When Sam and I showed up to the dinner, we were holding hands and I was also holding the roses Sam had gave to me. Sam was wearing mascara and lipstick. Our assistant headmaster freaked out and told Sam if he didn’t get the makeup off, he would be in massive trouble. Sam and I went back to the room to get his makeup off and came back down. The whole night, he was telling us how bizarre and weird we were. The night ended and the morning rose. We both have our first class of Friday with our assistant headmaster. He told the both of us if our relationship went any further, he would take us behind the barn and beat us. He also told us if we were in public school, we would have our dicks chopped off by other kids. After an entire period of being teased, Sam and I got together and thought we needed to do something about this. So here I am, Julien Nicol, 15 years old, asking for your help to spread this around and have it know that California allows private schools to discriminate against people with certain sexual preferences.

Signal boost the fuck out of this.

How fucking dare he?!

go. rebLOG. NOW.

Y’all are precious btw

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When the Nazi concentration camps were liberated by the Allies, it was a time of great jubilation for the tens of thousands of people incarcerated in them. But an often forgotten fact of this time is that prisoners who happened to be wearing the pink triangle (the Nazis’ way of marking and identifying homosexuals) were forced to serve out the rest of their sentence. This was due to a part of German law simply known as “Paragraph 175” which criminalized homosexuality. The law wasn’t repealed until 1969.

This should be required learning, internationally. 

You need to know this. You need to remember this. This is not something to swept under the carpet nor be forgotten. 

Never. Too many have died for the way they have loved. That needs stop now. 

Make it stop

I did a report on this in my World History class my sophomore year of high school. It was incredibly unsettling.

My teacher shown the class this. Mostly everyone in the class felt uncomfortable. 

I have reblogged this in the past, but it is so ironic that it comes across my dash right now. I a currently working as a docent at my city’s Holocaust Education Center (( I say currently because I’ve also done research and translation for them )) and our current exhibit is one on loan from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ((USHMM)). This is a little known historical fact that Paragraph 175 was not repealed after the war and those convicted under Nazi laws as a danger to society because they were gay were not released because they had be convicted in a court of law. There was no liberation or justice for them as they weren’t considered criminals, or even victims for that matter. They were criminals who remained persecuted and ostracized and kept on the fringes of society for decades after the war had been won. Paragraph 175 wasn’t actually repealed until 1994. And it was only in May 2002, that the German parliament completed legislation to pardon all homosexuals convicted under Paragraph 175 during the Nazi era. History has forgotten about these men and women — please educate yourselves so this does not happen again. Remember this history. Remember them.