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Fake science, real damage

Tell Congress to help outlaw the fake science that’s harming our kids
Being gay isn’t a choice, but children and teens are still being exposed to dangerous psychological practices that attempt to “cure” them. These practices have been proven to cause permanent damage – and now’s the time to end them once and for all. Ask your Members of Congress to support the Stop Harming Our Kids (SHOK) resolution now. Send a message today!
Information about gay “reparative therapy”.

California becomes 1st state to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy for teens


NBC News: California has become the first state in the nation to ban therapy that tries turning gay teens straight. Gov. Jerry Brown says he signed Senate Bill 1172, which prohibits children under 18 from undergoing ‘sexual orientation change efforts.’ The law goes into effect Jan. 1.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, who says unethical practices by mental-health providers to try changing a young person’s sexual orientation have caused psychological harm.


Guys, signal boost this and FAST. In only a couple of days, the governor of California will be asked to sign a law officially illegalizing "anti-gay therapy" which teaches young homosexuals to hate themselves. Sign this and get this to his desk before anti-gay extremists get theirs to him first. Still need over 20,000 signatures, but if anyone can get that many fast, it's Tumblr. Pleeease spread this!




Hey guys, this looks pretty important.  Sign this if you can, and all!

BREAKING: The California Assembly just passed a groundbreaking ban on the use of dangerous anti-gay religious indoctrination meant to “cure” homosexuality. But to become law, Governor Brown still needs to sign the bill.”

“The medical community has overwhelmingly denounced so-called “gay conversion therapies” as harmful, particularly to vulnerable minors. By signing SB 1172 into law, you will protect thousands of young people in California from this kind of abuse – Enact the ban now.”

GUYS LEARN TO READ PLEASE!! We WANT him to sign it! It STOPS the use of religious anti-gay indoctrination.

Goddammit tumblr! We finally get a chance to fight back and we end up fucking it up by telling him NOT to sign it?!


Calling out any fellow Californians with this. Sorry, I know it’s unlike me to reblog this sorta thing but I figure at least some of you are from my state.

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(via Keep Shameful Ex-Gay Leaflets Out of Schools! - The Petition Site)

What a coincidence, they pulled the same crap in another Maryland city.


(via Keep Shameful Ex-Gay Leaflets Out of Schools! - The Petition Site)

What a coincidence, they pulled the same crap in another Maryland city.

“Ex-Gay” Group Sends Flier Home with MD High School Students

From the Human Rights Campaign:

"Some parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, aren’t pleased after their children came home from school with a flier from the group “Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays and Gays” that essentially says people can choose whether they are LGBT.

The flier, made available via Fox 5, says “Every year thousands of people with unwanted same-sex attractions make the personal decision to leave a gay identity through non-judgmental environments or their own initiative.”

Read the full flier.

According to Fox 5, the ex-gay advocacy group is taking advantage of a technicality in the school district’s policy that says groups who are able to prove their status as non-profit, community organizations can send fliers home with students four times a year.

Leading medical organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association and the American School Counselor Association all have spoken out against the dangerous practices associated with attempting to “treat” homosexuality. Learn more about the dangers of reparative therapy.”

TWO Special Report: The Exodus ‘ex-gay’ smokescreen

From Truth Wins Out:

On the verge of financial collapse, the world’s largest “ex-gay” ministry, Exodus International, held an emergency meeting in New York City on Nov. 16, 2011.  At the clandestine gathering, Exodus President Alan Chambers emphasized making the organization more donor accessible by re-branding it into “something more palatable to those with funds to give, and the general public alike.”

Chambers’ first stab at this cynical strategy occurred in January at the Gay Christian Network’s annual conference. While on stage in Orlando, Chambers tried to convince people that Exodus has altered its hateful and harmful ways and gone mainstream.

The problem is, it’s not true.

TWO’s Special Report uncovers Chambers’ deliberate campaign of misinformation and proves that Exodus has not mended its message, nor its misleading rhetoric designed to trick potential clients into believing that they can “change” from gay-to-straight. 

Please consider reading our Special Report and passing it along to friends, as well as “liking” it on Facebook.



Fight back against Exodus’ lies in Atlanta:

Exodus is bringing its “ex-gay” roadshow to Atlanta this month. Join us in countering their misinformation campaign

'Love Won Out' community meeting 

Thursday, Feb. 16, 7:30 p.m.

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

731 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA 30308

(Sponsored by: The Queer Justice League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, GetEqual and Truth Wins Out) 


Saturday, Feb. 18, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Midway Church

3915 Carrollton-Villa Rica Highway

Villa Rica, GA 30180

Truth Wins Out
Post Office Box 96

Burlington, VT 05402”

Big News: Ecuador pledging to shut down “Ex-Gay” Clinics!

From AllOut:

"A few months ago, you stood with human rights defenders and women’s groups in Ecuador, calling on the government to shut down hundreds of abusive clinics that promised to "cure" LGBT youth of the "illness" of being gay. Almost 65,000 supporters around the world signed our letter to Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa - asking him to take immediate action.

This week we heard some incredible news. After campaigns launched by All Out, Change and CredoAction went global - and local groups kept the pressure on in closed door negotiations with the Ecuadorian Health Ministry - the government announced a commitment to investigate and shut down these abusive clinics.

The cherry on top? Outspoken feminist, LGBT rights, and public health advocate Carina Vance Mafla was just appointed as Ecuador’s new Minister of Health - and she will be leading the clinic investigations.

Our global pressure was crucial, and in the face of conservative local opposition, the government of Ecuador did the right thing. Will you take a second to share this victory with your friends and family - and ask them to sign our thank you letter to the Ecuadorian president? Leaders around the world need to know that when LGBT rights are under attack All Out members will call them to task - but we’ll also congratulate them when they do the right thing.  

The team at Fundación Causana that led the charge in Ecuador have also written a thank you letter to All Out members who supported the campaign - check it out below:


Dear All Out members,

After ten years of denouncing the use of torture at the so-called rehabilitation clinics that offer to “cure” homosexuality, the Ecuadorian Government and our new Minister of Public Health have made a major commitment to begin a society-wide process of discouraging the belief that homosexuality is a disease - and banishing these torture clinics across the country. This is a major victory!

We want to thank everyone around the world who stood with us on this campaign. Your support has been invaluable in helping us to change this reality.

We also ask that you stay by our side, and help us make sure the Ministry of Health follows through on their commitments.

A big hug from Ecuador,

the team at Fundación Causana
Quito, Ecuador 


We couldn’t have done this without you. Once again, it’s amazing to see we see how strong we are when we come together.  

Andre, Emmy, Erika, Flavia, Guillaume, Jeremy, Joseph, Oli, Tile, Wesley and the rest of the team at All Out.


Ecuador to Shut Down “Ex-Gay” Torture Clinics

Ecuador: Lesbian who led fight against ‘gay conversion’ clinics appointed to Presidential Cabinet

Lesbians Escape From Ecuador’s “Ex-Gay” Torture Centers

Ecuador Minister of Health: Close fake “clinics” that torture LGBT in order to “cure” them

En Ecuador, gays denuncian clínicas para cambiar su orientación sexual (Spanish)

Tortured in Ecuador?

From All Out:

"The world is just waking up to a horrific situation.  Right now, hundreds of illegal clinics in Ecuador are holding young women captive to be raped, tortured, starved and beaten by so-called "health care professionals". Why? The clinics claim that lesbians are “sick” and they offer a brutal cure. 

While the government of Ecuador made a show of shutting down nearly 30 clinics this summer, our friends there are saying that over 200 still exist across the country — holding young women against their will. Hundreds of young people are still at risk, but if you and other All Out members raise your voice, we can shut down these clinics for good.  

Will you add your name to the global call to shut down the clinics? We’ll deliver our demand directly to the Ecuadorian president, as well as the president of the the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights — and make sure these illegal clinics are shut down once and for all. If President Correa, a leader who’s staked his reputation on a series of progressive positions, knows the international community is watching closely, he’ll be pushed to act:

These “cure the gay away” clinics persist all over the world, despite the fact that all major international psychiatric and medical associations have discredited them, and even called them damaging to people’s health.  Only a few weeks ago, a young woman in Ecuador told the press she was held in one of the facilities for months where she was sexually abused and humiliated, with guards throwing water and urine on her. Thankfully, with the help of her mother, she was freed.  But many women have not been able to get out.

Some confused parents are forcing young people to be “quarantined” in these dangerous clinics, but a fact remains: they are illegal.  Voters in Ecuador approved a progressive constitution supporting gays rights — including federal civil unions for same sex couples. The country also has strong laws to punish violence against women. But despite the legal protections on the books, these dangerous clinics are falling through the cracks. 

Activists in Ecuador, and their partners at and Credo have been petitioning the Health Minister to shut down these clinics. But the responsibility to take action also rests with the man Ecuadorian voters elected to uphold the rule of law - President Rafael Correa. Sign this urgent letter to the Ecuadorian president, and we’ll deliver it to him with our partners in Ecuador - demanding these illegal clinics are shut down once and for all. President Correa needs to know that international pressure is building right now, and that ignoring this issue won’t make it go away:

All the best and All Out,

Andre, Emmy, Erika, Flavia, Guillaume, Jeremy, Joseph, Nita, Oli, Tile, Wesley and the rest of the team at All Out

PS - Click here to ask President Rafael Correa — who supported a pro-LGBT Constitution — to act now.


Lesbians Escape From Ecuador’s “Ex-Gay” Torture Centers

Ecuador Minister of Health: Close fake “clinics” that torture LGBT in order to “cure” them

En Ecuador, gays denuncian clínicas para cambiar su orientación sexual

El maltrato reina en centros de “deshomosexualismo”

Ecuador Approves New Constitution Including Same-Sex Civil Unions

Cures that Kill (IDAHO),118

End of the Ex-Gay Movement?

Another petition and yes another link for the petition

Stop the torture of innocent women in Ecuador

From CREDO Action:

It’s shocking that this is happening in 2011: At 207 “clinics” across Ecuador, lesbians are held captive, raped, tortured, starved and beaten in an attempt to make them straight.1

But far from being clandestine, this systematic brutalization of women happens in plain sight, with the tacit approval of the government of Ecuador.

Speak out to stop this unconscionable treatment of innocent women.

We know that the Ecuadoran government is sensitive to international public pressure — they already shut down a small handful of clinics in response to public outrage when the international press first learned of the existence of these clinics.

But we have to keep the pressure on the Ecuadoran government until they close every single clinic that continues to facilitate the torture and rape of women.

Tell Ecuadoran Minister of Public Health Dr. David Chiriboga that the torture and rape of lesbians cannot continue. Demand that he investigate and shut down all remaining 207 ex-lesbian “clinics.” Click here to sign the petition.

Paola Ziritti was one of the many women who were placed in one of the ex-lesbian programs. After learning Paola was raped and starved, her mother attempted to remove her from the program — but Paola’s “doctors” wouldn’t release her for over a year following her mother’s appeal to bring her home.

The barbaric practice of holding women against their will and torturing them because of their sexual orientation has to stop. Put simply, there is no moral or medical justification for clinics that employ horrendous tactics in order to “cure” these women and turn them “back to normal.”

The Ecuadoran Minister of Public Health has the ability to investigate and shut down the remaining 207 clinics.

He needs to know that the eyes of the international community are on Ecuador, and that we won’t stop pressuring him until he has shut every one of the remaining clinics.

Tell Ecuadoran Minister of Public Health Dr. David Chiriboga that the torture and rape of lesbians cannot continue. Demand that he investigate and shut down all remaining 207 ex-lesbian “clinics.” Click here to sign the petition.

Thank you for speaking out against the human rights abuses in Ecuador.

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. Survivors of many of these clinics all report the same “treatment program” that includes rape, starvation, and handcuffing.
"Lesbians Escape From Ecuador’s ‘Ex-Gay’ Torture Centers," The Advocate, 10-7-2011.”

I posted one petition about this before but another petition is good also. Get the word out as much as you can!

Lesbian torture clinics


"Paola Ziritti is unthinkably brave to speak publicly about the “clinic.” She endured physical assault, sexual abuse, and a constant battery of insults. Guards would even throw buckets of cold water and urine on her. For two years, this was Paola’s waking nightmare… because she’s a lesbian. The “doctors” and guards at the clinic were trying to “cure” her.

Paola lives in Ecuador, where these so-called clinics are terrifyingly common — although the government shut down 27 this year, 180 clinics remain open, and most of the prisoners there are women. (Some gay men and transgendered people are in the clinics as well, but far fewer.)

Paola’s parents knew they were sending her to a forced confinement clinic, but they had no idea how awful it would be. Once Paola’s mother realized what she’d done, she tried to get her daughter back, but the clinic said no. The process to free Paola took a year.

A few incredibly courageous Ecuadorian women are fighting back — they call themselves Fundacion Causana. The women of Fundacion Causana started a petition on demanding that Ecuadoran Minister of Public Health Dr. David Chiriboga Allnut investigate and shut down all 180 remaining clinics that torture women to “cure” them. Please sign the petition right now.

Fundacion Causana does direct-service work on the ground to save women from the clinics, but they say it’s not enough. They need the unbridled support of the Ecuadoran government to get all of the clinics shut down.

So far, the government has only shut down a small cluster of clinics in one region of the country. Ecuador’s government officials need to know that we are watching and will not stand idly by while women are imprisoned and tortured.

Please sign Fundacion Causana’s petition demanding that the Ecuadoran Minister of Public Health investigate and shut down every “clinic” that tortures members of Ecuador’s LGBT community:

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Weldon and the team

P.S. More than 5,000 campaigns are started every month by members. Here are some of the top petitions that need your support right now: