» A Cutting Double Standard Part 3
Circumcised woman: I chose to get circumcised.
Western public: What the fuck!??!?!??!!? You're lying right? Or do you just hate yourself/women/sex?
Circumcised man: I chose to get circumcised.
Western public: That's cool, whatever you want, more power to you!
» A Cutting Double Standard Part 2
Circumcised woman: I am fine with being circumcised.
Western public: You poor thing, you're so ignorant about what they've done to you! You've been brain washed. Those damn women-hating Muslims have gotten to you. Internalized misogyny! You look butchered!
Circumcised man: I am fine with being circumcised.
Western public: And why wouldn't you be? It's good for you. Your parents made the right choice. You know, I like you, you're not like those big baby intactivists crying over nothing. Stand proud against those body-shamers!


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"The circumcised penis requires more care than the intact penis during the first 3 years of life. Parents should be instructed to retract and clean any skin covering the glans in circumcised boys, to prevent adhesions forming and debris from accumulating. Penile inflammation (balanitis) may be more common in circumcised boys; preputial stenosis (phimosis) affects circumcised and intact boys with equal frequency. The revision of circumcision for purely cosmetic reasons should be discouraged on both medical and ethical grounds."

» Petition to stop routine genital mutilation in the United States


dick-smelter submitted:

Please ask your followers to view and sign this petition to outlaw the routine genital mutilation of male infants and give boys in America the same protection as girls.

The minimum is 100,000 signatures before it must receive a response from the White House.

If we can put a stop to Bieber, we can sure as hell put a stop to mutilation!


Thanks for sending. While I don’t have a whole lot of faith in petitions, I do think they’re great for bringing awareness to a wider audience via reblogs, so I’m happy to share.


"An average adult foreskin comprises an area of tissue large enough to comfortably lay 15 U.S. quarters."

» Myths about circumcision you likely believe part one


Myth 1: They just cut off a flap of skin.  

Reality check: Not true. The foreskin is half of the penis’s skin, not just a flap.  In an adult man, the foreskin is 15 square inches of skin.  In babies and children, the foreskin is adhered to the head of the penis with the same type of tissue that adheres fingernails to their nail beds.  Removing it requires shoving a blunt probe between the foreskin and the head of the penis and then cutting down and around the whole penis. Check out these photos: http://www.drmomma.org/2011/08/intact-or-circumcised-significant.html 


Myth 2: It doesn’t hurt the baby.

Reality check: Wrong. In 1997, doctors in Canada did a study to see what type of anesthesia was most effective in relieving the pain of circumcision.  As with any study, they needed a control group that received no anesthesia.  The doctors quickly realized that the babies who were not anesthetized were in so much pain that it would be unethical to continue with the study.  Even the best commonly available method of pain relief studied, the dorsal penile nerve block, did not block all the babies’ pain.  Some of the babies in the study were in such pain that they began choking and one even had a seizure  (Lander 1997).


Myth 3: My doctor uses anesthesia.

Reality check: Not necessarily. Most newborns do not receive adequate anesthesia.  Only 45% of doctors who do circumcisions use any anesthesia at all.  Obstetricians perform 70% of circumcisions and are least likely to use anesthesia - only 25% do.  The most common reasons why they don’t?  They didn’t think the procedure warranted it, and it takes too long  (Stang 1998).  A circumcision with adequate anesthesia takes a half-hour - if they brought your baby back sooner, he was in severe pain during the surgery.

Myth 4: Even if it is painful, the baby won’t remember it.

Reality check: The body is a historical repository and remembers everything. The pain of circumcision causes a rewiring of the baby’s brain so that he is more sensitive to pain later  (Taddio 1997, Anand 2000).  Circumcision also can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression,anger, low self-esteem and problems with intimacy  (Boyle 2002, Hammond 1999, Goldman 1999).  Even with a lack of explicit memory and the inability to protest -  does that make it right to inflict pain? Ethical guidelines for animal research whenever possible* - do babies deserve any less?

Myth 5: My baby slept right through it.

Reality check: Not possible without total anesthesia, which is not available. Even the dorsal penile nerve block leaves the underside of the penis receptive to pain. Babies go into shock, which though it looks like a quiet state, is actually the body’s reaction to profound pain and distress.  Nurses often tell the parents ”He slept right through it” so as not to upset them. Who would want to hear that his or her baby was screaming in agony?


Myth 6: It doesn’t cause the baby long-term harm.

Reality check: Incorrect. Removal of healthy tissue from a non-consenting patient is, in itself, harm (more on this point later).  Circumcision has an array of risks and side effects.  There is a 1-3% complication rate during the newborn period alone (Schwartz 1990).  Here is a short list potential complications.

Meatal Stenosis: Many circumcised boys and men suffer from meatal stenosis.  This is a narrowing of the urethra which can interfere with urination and require surgery to fix. 

Adhesions. Circumcised babies can suffer from adhesions, where the foreskin remnants try to heal to the head of the penis in an area they are not supposed to grow on.  Doctors treat these by ripping them open with no anesthesia. 

Buried penis. Circumcision can lead to trapped or buried penis - too much skin is removed, and so the penis is forced inside the body.  This can lead to problems in adulthood when the man does not have enough skin to have a comfortable erection.  Some men even have their skin split open when they have an erection.  There are even more sexual consequences, which we will address in a future post. 

Infection. The circumcision wound can become infected.  This is especially dangerous now with the prevalence of hospital-acquired multi-drug resistant bacteria. 

Death. Babies can even die of circumcision.  Over 100 newborns die each year in the USA, mostly from loss of blood and infection  (Van Howe 1997 & 2004, Bollinger 2010).


Isn’t it time to think more carefully about whether we should be circumcising our boys?

Article From  http://www.psychologytoday.com

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thecountessoflandsfeld submitted:

It happened right in Pittsburgh.


Yikes, that’s terrible. According to this link that another follower sent me, the lawyer stated that the average pediatric urologist spends about 20% of their time dealing with children who have suffered botched circumcisions. I wish more people would realize this, that botched circumcisions are EXTREMELY common, whether performed by a mohel or a doctor.

I’m especially sad that this happened in my state. Which already has one of the highest circumcision rates in the country…

Yeaahhhahhahh and that so-called intactivist person was trying to tell me “most circumcisions are done RIGHT” no actually nope (especially since you can’t do an involuntary circumcision “right” to begin with BECAUSE IT’S COSMETIC SURGERY DONE WITHOUT PERMISSION)


This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s a VERY important site to visit if you have a son, are having a son, or will perhaps someday have a son.

Circumcisions are not medically necessary, and are entirely up to the parent.  

Please take the time to see what can happen when the procedure does not go as planned.  Is it really worth risking this for your child for the sake of asthetics?

Here is a legitimate horror story about a circumcision gone wrong: 


Skin bridges, adhesions, and tags. This is literally the LEAST of which circumcision can cause, and they can be extremely painful and even make erection impossible until surgically severed.

I forgot a point with the circumcision ask, and that is: It’s extremely, super, mega, ultra easy for a baby to bleed to death, especially from a circumcision. Hemorrhaging is in fact the most common side affect from circumcision and I’m pretty sure at least half of babies circumcised go back to the ER because of excessive bleeding.

Circumcision removes up to half of penile skin, which means it severs many serious nerves and arteries. In addition to this, babies really do not have the luxury of being able to bleed - it takes SO LITTLE for them to bleed to death because they are fucking babies and don’t really have blood to spare for this bullshit!! This is why circumcision as adults or even teens is SO MUCH SAFER* and circumcision really should fucking wait.

*Another reason it’s safer is because 1) you can treat the pain (you can give teens and adults pain medications and anesthesia unlike babies), and 2) infections are less likely to happen because you do not have an open wound in a diaper. Additionally, which is more likely to have complications: operating on something the size of the end of my thumb, or operating on something typically longer than the tip of my middle finger to my wrist and about the thickness of two to three fingers? Common fucking sense.