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No Exxon Valdez Repeat

From ThePetitionSite:

"For two decades Alaska’s been living with the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill that dumped 11 million gallons of crude oil into the pristine wilderness.

We’ve seen the damage oil wreaks on fragile arctic ecosystems — yet the government is poised to allow Shell Oil to begin aggressive offshore drilling in the Arctic this summer »

Exxon Valdez taught us how hard it is to recover from an oil spill in the Arctic’s harsh and volatile climate. There is no reliable way to clean up a spill — evidenced by the fact that 23 years later, tens of thousands of gallons of Exxon Valdez’s crude oil still linger off Alaska’s coast.

We know better than to risk the Arctic for a small amount of oil. Now we need to take a stand against irresponsible drilling.

We want to send 1 million signatures to President Obama to make sure he knows Americans don’t want more Arctic drilling. Sign the petition — and share it with your friends and family to save the Arctic.”


(via Stop the Oklahoma to Texas Pipeline - The Petition Site)


(via Stop the Oklahoma to Texas Pipeline - The Petition Site)


(via Stop Wolf Poisoning and Aerial Shooting in Canada! - The Petition Site)


(via Stop Wolf Poisoning and Aerial Shooting in Canada! - The Petition Site)

Urgent: Tell Congress No Arctic Drilling!

From ThePetitionSite:

Urgent: The House leadership is moving quickly to push a plan for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Arctic Ocean.

Tell Congress: Oppose drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! »

In reality, the plan is highly speculative and could destroy the habitat of America’s struggling polar bears, caribou, wolverines, bowhead whales and more than 200 bird species.

We can’t destroy the arctic for revenue that may never materialize. »

The transportation bill and the professed need for revenue is just the latest excuse some members of Congress are using to open the Arctic Refuge to Big Oil companies. The plan would put some of America’s most pristine wilderness risk while not even coming close to the billions of dollars needed for transportation projects.

Join Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund today as they work to stop this dangerous plan! Urge your representative to oppose using Arctic oil and gas drilling revenues to fund the Transportation Bill. »

Thanks for taking action!

Ellen B.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team”

Tell Big Oil Bullies, No More Secret Deals!

From ThePetitionSite:

"Oil from Equatorial Guinea makes is sold for billions of dollars every year, but more than 70% of it’s people live in extreme poverty. How is this possible? Thanks to Big Oil’s secret deals and underhanded sles that money is getting pocketed by corrupt leaders instead of going to African people »

That means money that could go towards investment in vital services like schools, roads and health clinics is being stolen by the billions, all while people face illness and hunger across Africa.

That’s just wrong. »

Two years ago, a hard fought battle led to a law that ensures that oil, gas and mining companies must reveal what they pay. But now, oil company lobbyists are pressuring the SEC to secretly kill the best parts of the law and keep these deals hidden.

Tell the SEC to stand up to Big Oil’s bullying! We need strong laws that demand transparency and end these closed door deals once and for all. »

Thanks for taking action!

Ellen B.

Stop Canada’s plan to kill wolves for tar sands oil

From CREDO Action:

"It just gets worse and worse.

To make up for the fact that rapid tar sands oil mining is threatening caribou herds by destroying vast swaths of forest habitat in Alberta, the Canadian government has called for killing thousands of wolves.1

Tell Prime Minister Harper: Stop Canada’s planned tar sands wolf killings! Click here to sign the petition.

If Alberta Canada’s tar sands oil fields are fully developed, an area of boreal rainforest the size of Florida will be eviscerated, leaving in its wake giant ponds of toxic wastewater.2

It’s obvious why this would pose a massive threat to all wildlife species who reside there, including birds, wolves, woodland caribou and the iconic spirit bear.

But instead of preserving the habitat caribou need for their survival, the Canadian government’s answer is to blaze ahead with tar sands oil extraction, and kill thousands of wolves who would naturally prey on the caribou. A paper released this week by the National Wildlife Federation reports that The Ministry of the Environment’s plan calls for aerial shooting, and poisoning with bait laced with strychnine — a particularly painful type of poison.

Tell Prime Minister Harper: Stop Canada’s planned wolf killings! Preserve caribou habitat, and stop the irresponsible tar sands mining which threatens all of us. Click here to sign the petition.

This plan to kill wolves is a misguided, cruel response that does nothing to alleviate the greater problem: tar sands oil extraction is a huge threat to wildlife, local communities, and all of our futures.

But despite the clear negative consequences, the Canadian government continues working to rapidly expand tar sands production and sales, including promoting the Keystone XL Pipeline to export tar sands oil all over the world.

Understandably, this has begun to earn Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and many in the country’s government, a negative reputation to which they are becoming increasingly sensitive.3

The Ministry of the Environment has not yet begun this planned wolf kill. With enough public pressure, we can get them to abandon the plan, and build the case for Canada to stop their devastating race to expand tar sands oil development.

Click below to automatically sign the petition:

Thank you for fighting tar sands and all their devastation.

Elijah zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. “Tar Sands Development to Lead to Poisoning of Wolves,” National Wildlife Federation, February 6, 2012
2. “Tar Sands,” Friends of the Earth
3. “Monitoring plan would bolster oilsands image, federal documents show,” Vancouver Sun, February 3, 2012”

Tell Obama: No Sweetheart Deal For Big Oil & Keystone XL