Here's a joke. Biology nerds insist their science is messy, but when it comes down to biological sex, they think there's only two.


Pfff cishets are the luckiest people on the planet. Nobody ever assumes they're a petri dish of contagion because of their sexuality and gender identity.


Is that cishet person even real? I feel like I'm still dreaming.

Yeah they’re real, unfortunately. Really cishet.

I came to tell you that dealing in absolutes is childish and you have proven you don't care by being even more childish. It's clear there's nothing left to be said, since you obviously just want to hate people even if they've never done anything to you and especially if they are on your side just because they have more sense of human decency than you.

Nah brah it’s cool I got more don’t worry about it.

Right, because I called you out, I'm clearly one of those cishets. That's even better of you, putting someone of the LGBT+ community under the bus because they called you out on a generalization you made. You're such a pillar of our community.

I get it now, I know what you’re here for. You’re looking for some fresh anti-cishet hardcore gay porn. Buddy I got you covered.

Where did I say that LGBT+ don't deserve the same basic rights as everyone else? Nice putting words in my mouth while proving that you clearly don't understand the point of allies. I called you out on a bigoted statement, that didn't mean the rest of it was wrong, just the one part I mentioned. You trying to make out like you're so superior or something because you can't see the connection to other horrible movements based on hate is also pretty infantile.

The point of allies is to be an ally up until someone makes a statement about cishets then it’s totally fine to compare queer people to the KKK.

Cisheterophobia the Blog 2014

No, you'd rather assume everyone not like you is going to automatically hate you because some of them do. You realise that's how every hate group (Nazis, the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church) all started, right? Cause if you can't see that, you're definitely never going to get far and will be treated as nothing more than the child you are.

Comparing saying cishet people suck on the Internet to genocide, slavery, eugenics, and years of systematic oppressionh, and saying that’s why queer people don’t deserve rights.

Yes, bigoted against cishets. You want to be treated with respect, but if all you're going to do is be hateful to them, why the hell should they respect you back? You clearly don't understand how the world works or something if you think that you're going to get what you want by acting like a child.

Yeah, because I really want the allyship of people who’d casually throw away people’s humanity and rights based on how well they got their ass kissed by said people.

Nice going on making a bigoted generalization that anyone asking (regardless of why) a non-binary person is whatever sexuality is automatically a cishet. You'd be really surprised how many gay, bisexual, and Trans people there are who don't realise that NB people can be gay, straight, and bisexual. But really, keep assuming everyone who doesn't automatically understand something is cishet. Bet you think they're also white males too.

>bigoted [against] cishet[s]

Do you have a favorite cat breed?

That’s a good question. I have a favourite coat style (tuxedo), but I’m not sure I particularly like one breed above all others? I think I work in phases, where, I’ll see a wonderful picture of a certain breed of cat, and suddenly I’m *all about* those kinds of cats, but then the fervor dies down and I just wait until I see another wonderful picture or something.

I think though that I tend to prefer those with specific kinds of coats to others. For example, I like Abyssinians more than Bombays, or Turkish Angoras more than Russian Blues.