I hope you kill yourself

Me too

tbh i'd assume you'd leave the sj blog because you didn't want to be with "a real sj blog in denial"

It doesn’t really help your case about you totally not being a real justice blog when you reblog from misogynists who literally think feminism is nazism.

I hope you know you're a piece of shit.

Funny you say that, considering you got all pissy about me posting porn in anti-sj tags but literally called for the slaughter of all zoophiles.

Not saying I like zoophiles but if you’re prioritizing the feelings of people abusers over animal abusers I personally think your priorities are fucked.

That being said, it’s so, so, so, interesting, that people come to social justice blogs, run by people with some sort of mental disability, particularly depression, and say things like “kill yourself” ; “I hate you” ; “you’re disgusting” as if you’re imparting enlightening thoughts upon them. Like you’re saying some new piece of information they’ve never thought of or heard of before.

I really hope you don't do this shit irl lmao

I’m glad you hope I hang around oppressive assholes IRL means a whole lot to me that you want me to bend over and show my anus for destroying for the sake of not offending the majority rule.

If gender and sex are the same things but not genitalia, why are they called 'sex changes?' Is it just cissexist reeked in or no?

Yeah it’s just cissexist. That’s why people have been trying to change it to gender actualization surgery or another word that more correctly defines the procedure.

does sex play a role in attraction? or is it gender alone?

Nah it’s not gender alone. Otherwise everyone who’s polysexual would be fucking everyone. Nah it’s a lot of things. Gender is just the start.

Unless you’re talking about the difference between gender and sex, in which case there really isn’t any and we’re slowly moving to more correctly just referring to gender than to sex.

Understandable. I just wanted to point out that the situation wasn't really used as a gag, but for educational purposes. Also, I wasn't claiming that you were defending BBT, I was merely pointing out the difference between the two.


True, but considering that Clarence is still a child and didn't know the ramifications of his actions, but was to understand what he did was wrong is a good and in a way teaches children a lesson. This is something that BBT doesn't do.

The only reason I mentioned TBBT is because I see people criticizing it for the same things I see the shows they praise doing. No where have I said, “At least TBBT…”. I’ve said nothing excusing towards it. I could easily have also said Glee, which has also been shown to shit all over disabled/uncomfortable people, which some people have rightfully criticized, but ignore in other contexts.


And yes fine, “it teaches kids who don’t know any better” but as a person with a lot of discomforts and upsets people consistently ignore for their own personal gain I don’t like how they did it and I don’t see any reason to like this show currently.

But at the end Jeff explains to Clarence that there are certain that make him uncomfortable and anxious, and understands and accepts it. After that they make up.

It really shouldn’t have to be explained tho because you know you’re supposed to you know just do as your friends ask you to when they tell you to stop making them upset???

And sure happy ending who didn’t see that coming but I’m still not exactly impressed.

Also I had to look up who Tyler Oakley and Dan Savage were. I am too old for this.

I’m older than you, lol.

They’re pretty gross people who for some reason are loved by straight people as the representatives of the LGBT movement.