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Hi Dame how are you today?

Feel like shit, tbh. Keep sleeping forever.

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So I have a question. One of the biggest arguments about raising minimum wage is that it will cause the cost of living to raise as well, thus saying that workers should have to strive to go to college to get a better job so the minimum wage can stay the same. What's your thoughts on that?

Going to college means jack shit. Saying such a thing is just deluding students into thinking their lives will be all better once they make it out of college, and possibly encourages them to take out hefty loans - since, after all, once they’re out of college, they’ll have excellent careers and be able to pay it back right away, right?

In reality, minimum wage jobs are stuffed with college graduates. Because, believe it or not, you DON’T magically get your choice career as soon as college is over. Many people never do.

As for the cost of living shit, wanna hear a funny thing? The cost of living has gone up regardless. The minimum wage and the cost of living are not tied together whatsoever. The only reason for raising the minimum wage to “cause” a raise in the cost of living would be because companies can’t stand to not be making unreasonably high profits.

Right now, companies are doing far, FAR beyond well enough to support a raise in the minimum wage. They just don’t want to because that would mean fair pay. They don’t want to pay people fairly.

Additionally, it’s super easy for upper middle class and higher people to make these statements. They often have had the advantages in life that keep them from turning to minimum wage jobs for more than just a short term. It’s also super easy for middle aged and older people to make these statements. People were actually paid relatively more back in their days than they are now, and lots of things were also relatively cheaper than now.

Links I have on hand:

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Quick question, Is it possible for you to be attracted physically and emotionally to a gender, but be demisexual for another? For example, you are straight but after bounded emotionally to someone from another gender, you start to feel physical attraction to them. Does it makes sense?

Yeah I get what you’re saying.

And sure, anything’s possible really.

I think most people in your position use like heteroflexible but it’s never been very clear to me what exactly the -flexible identities were.

So I can’t exactly give you a name for what you’re describing. But it is possible.

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Do you think being Trans is a choice? Jw

"Choice" is a word with a lot of murk.

Bigots insist that being queer/trans is a choice in a manner that means that it can be removed from a person. “Conversion therapy” clinics are the poster child of this idea.

But many LGBT activists to assert you can choose, but it’s not so much a flippant, rebellious, or casual choice as bigots make it out to be. There’s a lot of factors that can contribute to choosing to be one way or another and thus it’s a hugely personal, well thought out choice.

Other activists proclaim that inviting people to choose just enforces the bigots’ opinions, regardless of how a person comes to that choice.

But, technically, isn’t it always a choice to label yourself, to come out, to embrace your feelings?

The thing is, sexuality and gender are often fluid. Which means that plenty people who feel one way at this time, will possibly feel another way down the road. More modern and open-minded LGBT activists purport that allowing someone to explore the possibilities of their orientation and gender should be encouraged, as a part of accepting that the standards we’ve set for people are not set in stone. An uprooting of the system, I suppose you could say.

As a person who is constantly digging into themself, I definitely support people probing into their own nooks and crannies to see what they can find. I’m not someone who gets pissed off at people who change themselves. Identity in general is so flexible and unpredictable, because we are always growing, I don’t see why this wouldn’t apply to all parts of our selves.

Another thing to consider is that bigots are the ones who hoist myths of regret in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity, as a part of gatekeeping on who’s allowed to do and be what.

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Sorry to bother you, but just to confirm, you don't need to clip a cats claws if they use a scratching post?

You shouldn’t have to, no. Claw maintenance isn’t very necessary except in special circumstances. Cats will often chew and clean their claws as well as scratch textured objects.

However! This doesn’t mean the cat’s claws are safe! Despite their strict hygiene routines, cat claws (and teeth, for that matter) are very hazardous, so you should take extra care of wounds inflicted by cats. This is especially true for outside cats.

Also, about the chewing - if you find your cat obsessively chewing on their claws, it may be a sign the cat is upset, sick, or even has a mental health issue.

Clipping claws can be useful, moreso as a way to protect yourself, your family, and other pets from your cat’s temper going too far. But if you decide to trim because of this, only trim. Only clip enough to dull the tips (which means filing may be required, or may be the preferable option). Remember though that claw maintenance can be stressful for your cat so take extra special care to reassure the cat and make them feel comfortable as possible. This could mean that the trimming will take a lot longer than anticipated the first several times you do it.

But if your cat is an outside cat, they may need the sharpness, so unless you’re moving your cat inside, I wouldn’t recommend trimming. Cats are predators, but also prey, and also bullies - which mean your cat needs to defend themselves against other animals, and feral cats who try to chase them away.

(But I really think you should bring them inside if at all possible - it significantly boosts their health.)

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(Same anon as before) Hey Dame, I have an oc I'd sort of like to get an opinion on (not that I think you're the authority on everything but you seem knowledgeable about various things and have other resources I really hope you don't mind). Anyways they're a dfab genderfluid kindergarten teacher. They move between male, female and neutral identities depending on mood. Depending on their gender at the time they go by Mr., Ms. or just their last name to their students. Does this seem appropriate?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, sounds like how genderfluid people identify usually, as far as I’ve seen.

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(Same anon) Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I definitely learned something new from you. ^^

No problem, I’m glad to help.

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If you could be any cat for a day, which breed would you pick? (Wild breeds are allowed)

Wait like you mean actual wild cats?

I think… oh, honestly, I might prefer a domestic cat, in a nice sweet home.

But if not, a cougar. Because cougars SCREAM.

Hi, I have a question and I hope you don't mind answering. You mentioned before how the term "genderbend" shouldn't be used. Are there any alternative terms for it, or a different way someone should describe a character who for instance is a cis male drawn as a cis female?

A lot of people have proposed others and for the most part the trans/nb community is conflicted about how to acceptably word or present this practice.

Some people say “spectrumslide” or “cisswap” or “presentationflip”, and a plethora of others, are more acceptable. Some people say they aren’t.

It may be best to spell out the criticisms people have put forth of the concept:

  • The origins are transphobic, particularly transmisogynistic.
  • Additionally, they’re often sexist/gender essentialist as many people who switch the gender of their characters will completely alter the character in accordance with gender stereotypes (example: Finn is drawn and acts much like any young cartoon boy, yet Fionna is made excessively stylistically curvaceous and her character seems to revolve around dating, despite being the same character of the same age).
  • The idea of there being an “opposite” gender to be switched to is cissexist.
  • And many people point out that, instead of making your character still cis, why not make them trans? Example: Your DMAB character, instead of identifying as a cis man in his original context, identifying as a trans woman or nonbinary in the “swap”.

To me, as an artist and writer, I don’t exactly see it as 100% wrong to redesign or otherwise change a character under different conditions or just for fun. But the criticisms are valid and should be taken into consideration.

It may honestly be best just to be completely frank instead of trying to use cute terms. “What if I made this character [this gender] instead?” But also, don’t just limit yourself to cis-to-cis. I must definitely advocate you do all kinds of fun shit and combos and what-ifs. Change their outfit, their family, their gender, their interests, their backstory, go on and on. You’re a creator, after all, so create!

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suena bueno

Okay, cut to the chase?

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