King o' The Cats
a cat in gloves catches no mice
T- 5 things I love unconditionally.
  1. A certain someone.
  2. Cats.
  3. Music.
  4. Cartoons.
  5. Boxes
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So tagging posts with the actual triggers (e.g. rape, death) is okay? I don't have to tag them with "trigger" or "tw". I've nver understood why you'd need to tag things like that, surely most people blacklist the words that describe their triggers rather than just blacklisting "tw" or "trigger"..?

Yes, I think it’s okay, but like I said you should always ask your followers what they need most.

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I skimmed through your post about triggers and trigger warnings, and I was wondering if it's enough to just tag things like "drugs" "guns" "rape", etc.? It's just easier to tag what is in the post, than to tag it with trigger, when I don't know what could be triggering..

Those are pretty common upsetting topics so tagging for them initially is a good idea.

But if you want to know what to tag specifically, you ask you followers. You aren’t able to please random people who happen your blog, because it’s impossible to know EVERYONE’s every single trigger, but you can at least be accessible for your followers!

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why did you tag that catnip post as drugs

Someone asked me to tag for drugs aaaand catnip is a drug for cats and has the same effect as illicit drugs (minus being unhealthy) so, you know, just in case?

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so how exactly can anything be a trigger?

I tried to be as clear as possible, but it’s still pretty vaguely worded.

I think example explains best, so take a look at this.

Now, take a moment to think. What people experience varies widely, how they feel about that experience varies widely, and what they’ll associate with that experience… varies widely! As such, you can never know what a person will find triggering, because you never know what part of their experience they’ll take to heart.

"But how do they GO OUTSIDE?" is a thing I hear way too often. Too often because it makes two very bad assumptions. 1. That being triggered by "silly" things means they are never able to function outside, because being triggered can only result in paralyzing panic attacks. 2. That being unable to go outside regularly automatically makes a person inferior in some way, that this kind of person can’t possibly exist. These are both ableist assumptions, that try to frame disability and emotional health in a certain kind of picture that is most comfortable to view from the outside.

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No haha we don't even have a generator. If the power goes out we're fucked

At my parents’ we had a generator.

And the only thing connected to it was my computer.

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Pentagram: A tuft of cat fur, a cannabis leaf, a grief seed, an enormous top hat and the entire holiday of Halloween.


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ASK MEME: Who, Habit, Diet, Cravings, Era, Other, Sleep, Outfit. Almost everything. God bless.
  • WHO: What do you identify as?

Basically a lot of fantasy feline stuff: catgirl, bakeneko, manticore (lion head with bat wings version), domestic cat, cougar, bobcat, cheshire cat…

All cartoons, too, but idk if that’s otherkin shit or what because my entire mind works out the world like a cartoon.

  • HABIT: Do you have any mannerisms or habits associated with your kinself?

I fold my fingers under my palms when I put weight on my hands, mimicking paws. I lick food stuff a lot, sometimes spoons don’t exist for me. I hiss and spit when I’m significantly frightened. I want to rub on people I feel very close to like cats do (I’ve only really done it to a few people).

Then you got the phantom limb and internal visualization shit, I feel ear twitches a lot, or like I’m closing wings around me and hiding.

  • DIET: What foods do you eat to feel closer to your kinself?


  • CRAVINGS: Do you ever get weird cravings or urges?

Yeah like I want to hunt down animals and eat fresh steaming organs even though I know that isn’t as nearly as delicious as it sounds. Want to run around outside at night a lot too.

  • ERA: How long have you been otherkn? How did you find out?

Well tbh I’m still gingerly handling the label. I dunno, it feels a bit weird to say for definite I’m otherkin, but it’s not like there’s an actual reason why I’m not or couldn’t be.

  • OTHER: If you could have chosen your kintype, what would you want to be?

Nah I’m good with my kintypes. Maybe it’d be cool to feel like a fictional character but I can’t really feel that close/mirrored to any of them.

  • SLEEP: Describe a dream you’ve had of your identity. No matter how vague.

I pretty much always at least dream I’m a catgirl but I guess a more specific instance was when I was a super hero but like a vigilante so I used a cat form to run from police or something idk that was a dream years and years ago.

  • OUTFIT: What’s your favorite kin-themed outfit?

I have a cat ears hat. That’s about all I’ve got aside from cheap Halloween black cat costumes. I would love to get some clawed gauntlets and boots.

Well, I also have bobcat ears for hairclips/a simple headdress and a bobcat fur collar but the ears are really hard to position correctly and I constantly worry about the ears and the fur’s being ruined so…

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if you're in your 20s you should probably be able to realize that things like "demigirls" are bullshit

Actually being in my 20s makes me mature enough to realize gender is a concept and identity is a unique personal experience ergo there is no “bullshit” here.

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relating to anon & canadian history class: our history classes are literal bullshit. we saw the exact same thing in grades 9 & 10, namely quebec history. we barely covered native americans and if you think we talked about slaves, the suffragette movement or any justice movement you'd be mistaken. i learnt more about the u.s. than about oppressed groups in my own country because your secession brought a bunch of people to canada. i don't expect to learn about malcolm x, but our own civil rights?

holy shit are you fucking for real

Canadians who are like “WE HAVE HEALTHCARE AND GAY MARRIAGE” need to sit down in several seats

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