With all due respect to the Justices, they have erred in invalidating the buffer zone as an impermissible regulation of speech. Protesters always have had ample opportunities to express their opinions directly to patients and staff. And the Court also distorted reality when it focused on supposed “caring” conversations from protesters.

In Massachusetts, before the buffer zone law was enacted, patients and staff were often subjected to intense and aggressive harassment. Planned Parenthood in particular was routinely singled out by protesters who went beyond expressing themselves through conversation. They disrupted the operation of health centers by chaining themselves to medical equipment. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the doorway of our healthcare centers, blocking access for our patients and staff. They screamed directly into the ears of patients, jarring them at a sensitive moment — when they were en route to a private medical appointment.

This volatile, unsafe environment in Massachusetts paved the way for tragedy. In 1994, a man barged into the Planned Parenthood health center in Brookline and opened fire, murdering one staff member and injuring three others. He then went to another nearby health center, murdering another staff member and wounding two others.

When the law was enacted, it was instantly clear that it worked. The atmosphere outside Planned Parenthood health centers became transformed to one of peaceful coexistence. Speech was never prevented outside healthcare centers. The only restriction protesters faced was to stand 35 feet away from the entrance of a healthcare center. Thirty-five feet is roughly the length of a school bus. When someone screams “Murderer!” from a distance of 35 feet, you hear the message loud and clear.



Today the US Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts bill that gave abortion/family planning clinics as 35 foot protection zone in which protestors could not harass clinic patients, opening patients to the possibility of harassment, verbal and physical attacks, and even death threats as they attempt to enter a clinic.

This is ridiculous. 

It is absolutely unconscionable that female Peace Corps volunteers who are victims of sexual assault, or whose pregnancies endanger their lives, are not afforded the same health care access as virtually all other women with federal health coverage.



"It seems grotesque that a woman’s lifeless body can be commandeered by a state and used as a petri dish in which to grow a baby. But that’s exactly what happened to Munoz, and that is what is going to happen to women in Louisiana should Gov. Bobby Jindal sign HB 1274 into law." 

Read more of Vague Louisiana Bill Would Force Brain-Dead Pregnant Women to Serve as Incubators 

Sometimes I get the really dark feeling that if the pro-life movement could find a way to forcibly impregnate women in comas and have them carry to term so they could ~adopt the precious baby~ they would.

Jesus christ I almost fucking fainted (no seriously my chest got hot and I went blind for a second) this is how fucking horrific this is THIS IS WHAT THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT IT IS NOT ABOUT ~SAVING BABIES~ IT’S ABOUT REDUCING WOMEN TO THEIR “PROPER ROLES”

Republican legislators and Gov. John Kasich added language to the state budget last year requiring ambulatory surgical centers, such as abortion clinics, to have emergency-care agreements in place with local hospitals if problems arise that the clinic isn’t equipped to handle. The law also prohibits public hospitals from entering into such an agreement.
—Ohio passed a law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, AND requires local public hospitals to not give them admitting privileges.


"I think there should be laws against stalking physicians who perform abortions. We don’t allow people to stalk people for anything else." - Joycelyn Elders, MD

Made by Heather Ault.


BREAKING: The Louisiana legislature just passed a dangerous bill that would severely restrict a woman’s access to safe, legal abortion in the state — despite an outpouring of opposition from medical experts and women’s health advocates.

Here’s what you need to know about the strategy that’s now threatening access to health care in huge swaths of the country.

» Our reaction when out-of-touch lawmakers in Missouri passed a bill that would force women seeking abortion to endure a mandatory 72-hour waiting period:



The country is watching — and if politicians get away with imposing these new burdens on people seeking safe and legal abortion in Missouri, other states will follow. It has to stop here.

Urge Governor Nixon to stand with Missouri women and veto the 72-hour ban.


"It was private physicians who often offered abortion care pre-Roe, putting their own practices at risk to do so. Now, as clinics are being shuttered at an increasing rate, private physicians may be fielding more requests to terminate a patient’s pregnancy, simply because a clinic abortion is too hard to obtain. Yet abortion opponents have subtly and silently removed that as a potential option, and with very little notice.

"Louisiana’s HB 388 is taking a much more blatant swing at ending a private physician’s ability to offer a first trimester, in-office abortion, a procedure that would take a few minutes only using a manual vacuum aspirator. Tucked into the rest of the massive regulatory changes around procuring an abortion is a new rule that would force any doctor who performs more than five abortions per year to be licensed as an abortion provider. Previously, physicians could perform up to 60 abortions per year without such restrictions being put upon them."