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Female Ejaculation is Real

bedtimebaddie reminded me of this rant I’ve been meaning to do forever.

Simply put, female ejaculation is real. As much as women-haters and idiots alike like to pretend it’s not or it’s just piss, that doesn’t change the fact it’s real.

First off, some facts:

  • Female ejaculation, while it may be composed heavily of urine, is NOT “just urine”.
  • A woman ejaculates from her urethra, just like a man does. NOT from the vagina.
  • Not all ejaculations are “squirts” - which is what happens when urine gets involved.
  • Every woman is capable of ejaculation.
  • Female ejaculate is composed very similarly to male ejaculate, and comes from the female prostate.

I don’t know what other facts to tell you. So let’s dissect these facts.

1. Urine. Not all ejaculations are full of urine, and ejaculate is not urine. Female ejaculate is again composed similarly to male ejaculate. However it comes in small amounts, the urine is what causes the “squirt”. It can be whitish, creamy-coloured, or clearish like your vaginal fluids.
The reason urine usually accompanies female ejaculate is because we don’t get the nifty mechanism that keeps men from pissing with a full erection and/or during ejaculation. So when we ejaculate, our urethra is open to… well, opening, and the spasms may cause us to void our bladder too. But not always! Plenty of women can ejaculate without pissing themselves.
There’s really not a lot of female ejaculate. It’s size may vary, some women may have a lot of ejaculate, but the bulk of it is urine when urine is involved, and when it’s not I believe on average it’s about about the size of a dime to a quarter.

2. Urethra. A couple of pornos have women squirting stuff from their vaginas. It’s not true. That’s not ejaculation. That liquid was placed there for the purposes of pornography. Ejaculation comes from the urethra, just like in men, with the ejaculate pooling at the entrance of the urethra. The female prostate, which produces the ejaculate, is located between the vaginal canal and the urethral canal. The area of the vaginal wall known as the location of the g-spot, u-spot, etc is actually the wall where the female prostate is sandwiched. The more we stimulate this area, the more likely we are to ejaculate.

3. Every woman is capable of ejaculation. The ejaculate pools whether you want it to or not. The problem is actually getting it out during orgasm. It’s kind of difficult when you’ve been trained all your life to avoid pissing yourself at all costs, so it’s hard to allow your urethra to expel the ejaculate. But you can be trained!
I once knew a very good site that helped me train to ejaculate. Unfortunately I can’t find this site. It was very informative about female ejaculation, so it really is unfortunate that I’ve lost it.
But I’ll try and explain as best I can how to teach yourself to ejaculate.
The site recommended that the best way to train yourself was to let your bladder get full before engaging in sexual activity. Do it with a towel handy or in a bathtub, because you’re going to wet yourself. You need to have a need to pee. Once you’ve hit the edge, pee. That’s all there is to it. Ignore your lifelong training and just let go. Instead of holding it, push it out like you do when you are using the bathroom. Do this several times until it takes no effort anymore. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ve trained yourself to ejaculate! Take this ability and VOID YOUR BLADDER BEFOREHAND if you don’t ever want to wet yourself again. You’ll ejaculate without the urine, but I’ll tell you it’s unlikely to be quite as… visually spectacular.

Now I didn’t do that because I just did not want to wet myself. And I think not doing it like that made it much more difficult, but the same principal is applied. You usually “draw in” when you orgasm, so the key is to “push out” instead. Takes a lot of effort though until you’re trained, so…
And honestly it didn’t enhance the experience for me all that much, I don’t think. But it could be different per woman, maybe full-on squirting is a lot better than just ejaculating.
I don’t try to ejaculate anymore, though. Sometimes I just do, sometimes I just don’t. And I do it with a full bladder, sometimes, too… I’m not sure how though so don’t ask. I guess I just have good instinctual control over my urethra.