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a cat in gloves catches no mice

mgm & fgm comparisons & what is removed in each type


i found the chart very educational, thought it might interest you & your followers as well 

Thanks for sending this in, and I’m super sorry for not publishing it earlier. Here’s the chart from the post, which I’m assuming is OK to share offsite since it’s watermarked (the video included is also very interesting).

While I can’t really comment on the precision of the hierarchy in this list—which certainly seems reasonable and isn’t all that important in the first place—what I found pretty interesting is the very detailed breakdown of different practices and the inclusion of things that aren’t very common or known about. I’m talking about the first item on the list, which is probably something that is inflicted as a pure form of violence or cruel punishment, as well as cauterization, subincision, and piercings. Part of me thinks that including these rare and non-standard forms helps to confront the viewer’s preconceived notions of what should be considered genital mutilation. On the other hand, the average viewer may be unfamiliar with half (or more) of the items on the list, which may be end being distracting.

I’m curious about what others think of the chart.