King o' The Cats
a cat in gloves catches no mice

Problems with being a male

Having emotions is seen as weakness
Admitting weakness is seen as an even greater weakness
Being called a sexual deviant or a pervert because you were expressing your sexuality
A girl beating you in any physical competition makes you inferior
Being superficial makes you a pig but a woman being superficial is fine
Makeup isn't even an option
Not living up to the insanely unrealistic ideal of manhood automatically makes you gay
Being gay is seen as weak
Being trans* makes you "not a real man"
People thinking just because you're male you must be a man
People thinking MAAB people have male privilege even if we don't present as men
You can't control the size of your "manhood"
You can't report sexual assaults because being a male victim is worse than being the rapist
No male specific support groups or movements
Unequal parental rights
Extreme feminists treating you less than human
Women can blame all men or say they are all the same but if a man blames women they're sexist pigs
It's okay to circumcise you against your will as an infant
People dismissing your problems automatically because the universe is obviously rigged in your favour in every scenario imaginable
No one will read this past the title