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I don’t know, why are some people butthurt that there are others who care about children’s rights and oppose a surgery that removes 20,000 erogenous nerve endings from a child’s penis?

“MY son!” says the parent who regards individual beings wholly separate from them as property on the level of owning pets, but expects us to take them seriously.

I always wondered why nobody calls bullshit on how childish parents are about this sort of thing. Criticize anything they do and they throw a massive fucking shitfit about how dare you tell them what to do and tell them they’re wrong and that the child belongs to them and so they can do whatever they want to them and in fact will do said thing you criticized purely to spite you so nyeh. I pulled that sort of stunt when I was 8. Why are we allowing people the serious responsibility of parenthood if they act like eight-year-olds?

yea know it’s funny…my boyfriend is circumcised…and he still seems to enjoy sex and isn’t all crying how “childish” his parents were. SOOOOOO….

Many circumcised women can also enjoy sex and do not complain about their circumcisions. [link] [link] [link] [link]

That being said, thousands of men hate their circumcisions. “It’s okay for me so it must be for you” is shit logic. This also is ignoring the effect of socialization and indoctrination. If, for example, lopping off someone’s left hand was a common practice, then of course said victims wouldn’t be complaining - because they have been told it’s okay regardless. And of course, that being said, it’s also ignoring the fact that any time a man has a personal complaint or feeling he’s heavily assaulted by society for being a wuss. [link] [link]

As for the “childish” remark, I’m talking about general behaviour of parents that is seen as acceptable. Not just about circumcision. And many people can concur their parents are childish because of this attitude they have, “ME MINE MY NO ONE CAN DISAGREE BECAUSE I R PARENT” - especially considering the majority of people were on the receiving end of this from their own parents.

and i hardly think EVERY parent who does this is doing it to “spite” others…maybe they’re doing it for the health benefits?

I didn’t say every parent was.

Circumcision is an internationally discredited procedure. It is not recommended by any pediatric association in the world - in fact several advocate for its ban. The “health benefits” have been debunked and declared as inconclusive and dubious by most medical groups. In other words, there are none. In fact, multiple studies are cropping up that say the OPPOSITE. Also, there are studies saying there are “health benefits” to female circumcision, and that is actually the reason (“it’s healthier”/”it’s cleaner”) many people do it to them too. [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

so what is a parent supposed to say in reference to their kids now?

“that child came from my uterus..but he’s not ‘my’ son”?

There is a difference between “This is my child” and “NO YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO THESE ARE MY MACHINES MINE MINE MINE MINE!!”

A parent who can’t accept criticism or advice and uses the “MINE!” excuse is not a proper adult.

i feel like the parents came together and MADE that human, so is their responsibility. an infant can’t think for himself and why are you all treating this like parents are cutting off his leg or something? seriously NO guy i know who was cut as a baby even REMEMBERS, let alone cares.

"He won’t remember" is a terrible excuse to do ANYTHING to a person, let alone something so extremely painful it is described as "the most painful neonatal surgery". Many female children don’t remember their circumcision either.

Because it’s like cutting off his leg. A child can live without his leg. Doesn’t make it okay, does it?

The foreskin is there for a reason, it serves an important purpose, and it is an intimate part of his body. No one has any right to remove it from him without permission or actual legitimate reason (no, “he MIGHT” isn’t a reason - “he is having trouble now" IS). The foreskin contains 20,000 nerves, circumcision destroys the most sensitive parts of the penis by removing the frenulum, the ridged bands, and the inner foreskin, and destroys the mucous properties of the genitalia - which are there for a REASON (think of how people who lose their noses fair). [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

seriously, why is tumblr SO worried about the wording of shit and how it makes phrases sound “possessive”. Get the fuck over it and worry about something that matters.

It was legal to circumcise me as an infant. This matters to me because it could have been me. Because “WELL THEY’RE MINE SO NYEH” isn’t a good reason to do anything.

I’d like to hear from ONE man who’s life was personally effected by his circumcision in his adult years.

Over a hundred babies die every year in America from circumcision. Unfortunately, they can’t tell you how their lives were affected, because they died.

But hey let’s get with guys you can see and hear:

And then of course there is David Reimer. He committed suicide, and it all started with his circumcision.