Memories of my infant circumcision

Infant circumcision hurts. And our bodies remember that pain, even if we do not always consciously remember having the most sensitive part of our bodies cut.

YES THANK YOU! I can’t believe how few people understand that your body remembers everything. It seriously fucking does. It doesn’t matter how immature your brain was - it, and your body, LOGS EVERYTHING. The link is a man’s recount of his - what it seems to me - PTSD and his trigger episode, all caused by his circumcision. Yes, you remember, even if you aren’t aware of it. I’ve experienced this sort of reliving many times over, although not with such a reaction because the traumas I’ve experienced haven’t been so hard and instantaneous.

Although honestly it’s idiotic to say anyone won’t remember a very alarming experience. I remember things from my babyhood that were unpleasant - the taste of cigarette ashes, the squeal a puppy makes when you pull its ears, and a nightmare about learning to walk, for example. These things happened while I was still in diapers, and at the absolute oldest I was exactly two when I stopped using diapers. I remember them, and they aren’t even traumatic, and so it’s idiotic to think I wouldn’t remember being circumcised (it was still legal when I was born).