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Moralogous: I’m circumcised and I’m fine.

A video where circumcised women are interviewed. They believe that female circumcision, or female genital cutting, is a good practice. They plan on cutting their girls. The denial of harm is strong.

Probably not going to be able to stand watching this

but here, just take a look at this, anyone who can. I see here on a screencap it says, “now with modern medicine, we take her to the doctor” - one of the “reasons” that FGM and MGM “are different” is often that “well, girls are circumcised in the bush!”

Well, in those same bushy places, I once again point out boys are too. Boys are circumcised in the bush too. And, home-done circumcisions, where girls are held down? HAPPENS TO BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS (or did we forget this recent outbreak of herpes in infants boys here?).But ignoring that, in many places girls are circumcised in clinics and hospitals. Yes, they are. They are. They are done in sterile environments with medical professionals… they are circumcised “the right way”, given the same sterile treatment as we give our boys. Just so you get a fucking hint.