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Blog For Choice Day 2012

What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?

I will, of course, research candidates running for offices to see how they feel about the right to choose, and vote accordingly. But it doesn’t stop there!

I will continuously blog for the right to choose, by passing along petitions, news, alerts, and donation requests for pro-choice organizations and candidates. I will continue to advertise the pro-choice and feminist organizations I know of, as well.

Also, I will do my part to continue to educate people about the truth of reproductive care, health, and rights. I will not allow people to spread falsehoods of “abortion gives you cancer”, “birth control is for sluts”, “sexual activity is only for reproduction”, or “Planned Parenthood hates babies”. Education is the foundation for electing pro-choice candidates in 2012! 

Blog For Choice!

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