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This is POPVOX. It’s a website dedicated to United States citizens weighing in on bills and resolutions currently in Congress. After signing up, a person is able to support or oppose bills and resolutions and add a quick personal note (no templates!) if they feel like. This sends an electronic letter to their Representatives and Senators. You are completely able to see the whole text of these bills and resolutions at your leisure (in fact I HEAVILY recommend it - titles and preambles can be deceiving!), check their current progress in Congress, and to glance at what other people think.

Now, I haven’t yet had proof of this working*, but I still thought it would be a good thing to show people, because it’s ALWAYS good to be up to date with what’s going on in Congress.

(*Tim Johnson usually sends me “response letters” via post whenever I contact him, just a bunch of regurgitated autoresponses that show he clearly didn’t read anything I said but whatever, proof it works. Also, Dick Durbin usually emails me responses that are a bit more personalized. Have only just recently started using the site so I can’t possibly have received anything yet.)

[edit] I have received word from my representatives. This site DOES work.