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"Excluding woc isn’t feminism!"


"Excluding trans women isn’t feminism!"


"Misandry isn’t feminism!"

What kind of a shitlord do you have to be to want to put more regulations on food stamps like

if you buy a sandwich from our store, from the fridge or cooler, you can use food stamps, BUT if you HEAT IT UP in our microwave - WHICH IS THERE JUST FOR THAT REASON - before you buy it, YOU CAN’T USE FOOD STAMPS

and people want to make it even harder to get food? you already make it almost impossible to get good, REAL food, you want to chip away at what’s left?

and I don’t even understand the restrictions there are now

who the fuck cares if they use food stamps to go to a restaurant? if they want to burn through their allowance that’s their fucking problem - the govt isn’t going to be like, “oh, shit, have some more” if you run out early, trust me I know this well

and if they buy junk food, so what? wasting their allowance is again their problem.


you really gonna be such a cheap son of a bitch that you’re gonna complain about the itty bitty part of your taxes that goes to fucking HELPING people, because you’re scare of poor people having nice things?

shit, I’m heartless, but you’re a true monster

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Photo by me,
Thanks!! xx


Photo by me,

Thanks!! xx

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The real problem with books-turned-movies isn’t “omg they didn’t include every single word in the book” it’s “omg they completely overlooked the main theme, threw out any significant allegories, took away all the emotional pull, an turned it into a boring action movie with a love triangle in it”


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Via 4000 Years For Choice.
Quote via Esquire.


Via 4000 Years For Choice.

Quote via Esquire.

Red Flags

There’s a couple “red flag” posts out there but here’s some more to consider:

  • They support cops/the military.
  • They complain about their tax dollars going to welfare/healthcare/education.
  • They complain about people being misanthropes (or reverse racist or cisphobic or whatever) and yet still respecting animal (especially invertebrate) life.
  • They complain about diversity in media and people having diverse headcanons.
  • They tell people to make change desired themselves (especially while being a roadblock by telling them to stop trying doing it THIS way and do it THAT way).
  • They’re a woman and/or a minority and proclaim that ~it shouldn’t matter~ but when a “SJW” speaks up they insist the “SJW” needs to obey them because of them being a woman and/or minority.
  • They’re a cis dude with a kik.
  • They use the term special snowflake.

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I can’t think of a less appealing aesthetic than anarchist white boy brony. maybe conservative brony

these are literally the same thing

That reminds me. Some jackass a loooong time ago posted on my dA profile with the message “>white liberals” and I’ve been mystified by it ever since.

Because like… yeah there’s problems with liberals, white ones especially, but, uh, were they suggesting being a white conservative was morally superior? / less racist?

Because if so, oh boy.

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But which is worse? Conservative brony or libertarian brony?


aren’t they literally the same thing