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my friend found and abandoned kitten and LOOK HOW CUTE IT IIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Oscar just enjoying his morning coffee 

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There’s a huge fucking spider in my mail box and I haven’t gotten my mail in days because of it.

I don’t want to kill her because, well, she’s outside. That’s where she belongs. Why should I kill her for being where she’s supposed to be?

But ugh.

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did you hear about when the NYCPD was literally arresting women just because they were carrying condoms? i really do think that “whore” is definitely a word used against any women who’s even a LITTLE sexual and not just sex workers.

Yeah, but it wasn’t just them. They’re the ones that got attention, possibly because they’ve been doing a lot of disgusting shit like that (like the random searches that seem to only be a thing for poc), but it’s been hinted at that police in other places (primarily big cities) have been doing this for a while. That’s what I’ve been referring to.

And even if it was just NYC, the fact that they were doing it puts fear in all women walking around with condoms across the country. Because apparently that was okay (seriously, nobody won a fight against it yet).

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it does seem to be pretty difficult to get jobs in sex ed, but i do know that there are state jobs available for it. I once met a person who worked specifically for HIV/AIDS issues, and she used to educate and counsel people about how to be safer.

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i also wonder if volunteer work is sort of a gateway into paid work. at the very least it’s something that can be put on a resume.

The problem is with volunteer work is that it’s pretty much a luxury.

You’re right that it’d look great for resumes and such, but since it doesn’t provide money I can’t really do much, if at all. It takes already having money, or having your means provided for you somehow, so you can have the time and energy to do it.

Hey remember some time ago when people were debating with me about whether “whore” was reclaimable by all women or only sex workers (assumedly only women ones)?

I just realized something a while ago.

Men aren’t considered suspicious if they dress “sexily” and stand alone or walk alone on the street. They’re not stopped by police.

Men aren’t considered suspicious if they talk to stopped cars at night.

Men having condoms on their person isn’t a reason to arrest them.

Yet women are subject to this shit whether they actually are sex workers or not. So many women are being taken in that sex activists fear an outbreak of sexual health issues because women are afraid to take control in their sexual health because cops may grab them and accuse them of indecency.

Hell, even obvious pimps, who are technically sex workers, aren’t checked out as much as women, who may or may not be sex workers.

And, to be frank, the main reason sex work is seen as wrong and sinful, is because of myths of sexual purity which primarily affect women, almost only affecting women.

Just some food for thought.

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it might just be the type of work you’re doing. I’ve seen your sex ed blog and you run it REALLY well; maybe something that’s more educational/activist oriented would be better. hang in there, though! I really hope things get better for you!


I don’t know, though. I even struggle with the blog sometimes. And it’s hardly even like a job.

I’ve wondered about education and activism, but I feel lost and hopeless in my studies. There’s really no degree program for sexology and/or sex education and even then it’s a pretty dead end job since 90% of schools in America want to cram sex ed in one week that makes stressing abstinence and purity the majority of the curriculum.

I’ve seen some people work as sex educators in other ways that are more lucrative, such as how fuckyeahsexeducation works for a Christian-based group based on educating children and teens about social issues in general, though I don’t know if they’re paid for it.